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gfdeputy2 02-27-2014 05:37 AM

Shout out
I have been looking for a new release for my bow have used T.R.U Ball since I started using a release my original was rebuilt 2 times in its life time but decided it was time for a new one just puchaced another by them a couple months ago bieng that I am less then average build I have a hard time finding a release that feels comfortable in my hands I talked to T.R.U. Ball for a while & ended up buying the one they suggested & really like it. Now I have decided I wanted to try a thumb release & have been told that due to my shoulder issue it may be harder to use. Again I contacted T.R.U. Ball to get their opinion they were extremely helpful & went back & forth though instant message over a period of an hour to guide me to a release they thought would work they even said if they had a rebuilt one they would send it. Due to my shoulder issue I didn't want to spend a $130 on a release that I couldn't use & have to turn around & sell for half the money. The next post I thought was pretty cool. they informed me they did not have any reconditioned ones in the model I was looking for but sent me a link to the cheapest they could find online I bought it & arrived yesterday. It will take a little getting used to but is very nice. I really think we need more companies like this around there are companies I have dealt with that have good customer service but only a few companies have really impressed me so far Ruger, T.R.U. Ball & Bow String Depot
all Hunting/sporting related Go Figure
What companies Have you dealt with that impressed you?

Sorry for the Rambling

Hunting Man 02-27-2014 09:31 AM

Browning Arms, after my Dad's double had some cloudy finish they fully refinished it to new for free. TC, rifle wouldn't group for crap, sent it back and they re-crowned it free and it shot perfect afterwards.

gfdeputy2 02-27-2014 09:50 AM

it seems to me that the sporting goods industry customer servis is better then any other industry
I had purchased a blemished Ruger from a gun shop (camo finish was not 100%) I started to get a lot of failure to feeds & eject properly
sent it back to Ruger & found the camo was coming off the stock by the mag well & causing the issue they called me at work the same day. Told me they can sandblast & re camo it told them just to take the camo off as I didn't care if it were camo or not. He asked if i was sure I said yes. He stated that was easier for both of us as he was going to replace everything but the reciever but will sandblast the reciever & refinish it.
I pretty much ended up with a new gun & a free stock magazine at no charge & had the gun back within two days has been shooting great ever since now if I just can find some bulk .22 ammo

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