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thefielddude23 12-02-2013 02:13 PM

Youth shotgun
Ok,i am a kid (in the double digits).And I am looking for a good shotgun to knock out some waterfowl,turkey,and maybe...... even deer:yes:. I have shot muzzleloaders, a glock (which is a pistol,FYI)and a 22. caliber. I also HATE recoil:no:.Thats why I am looking for a 20 gauge shotgun.Yes,i have saved up about 350$.I was looking a the Remington 870 youth compact JR 20 gauge. Can you guys tell me if the Remington 870 20 gauge is a good no-recoil gun?I can take some recoil but not a ton.And how good is the gun overall?If you can,please answer all my questions and give me a pros and cons list of the Remington 870 20 gauge.Thanks guys I really appreciate it:pickle:.

buckhunter5 12-03-2013 02:51 PM

First off the 870 is a great gun the 20 ga has little recoil but it is about $350. If you want to hunt deer you would probably need to get a slug barrel which for a 870 would cost an additional $150. I started with a 20 ga but i had a Mossberg 500 mini bantam my Grandpa bought for me he paid i think $300 with the slug barrel and the nice thing about that gun is it has a section where you can put an extension on the stock to make it longer when you grow. Otherwise good luck and happy hunting.

thefielddude23 12-22-2013 08:30 PM

Thanks dude
Thanks...something about the Mossberg just bugs me, and I love Remingtons,so now I'm asking for a Remington 870 for Christmas.I am so excited!That gun is all I am asking for (besides some geese/duck calls)!

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