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why we miss

ok people lets have some fun.we all miss,if you havent you havent hunted very long.we have heard all the standard (my scopes must have been bumped,my arrow is bent,my tounge was held the wrong way)whatever.excuses can run the full spectrum.i want to hear the not so standard excuses of why we miss.as a matter of i missed a deer this morning.a big ten point came in and when i stood up to take the shot my wifes panties rode up so high i couldnt breath and i missed.it wasnt MY fault.get creative and have some fun.

freedom can not be measured in safety.freedom is the ability of a citizen to live their life without government interference.
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OK I'll give this a whirl.Last year while doing the pre-season scouting thing I found a great spot down on a creek branch where this buck had a line of rubs and scrapes going down one side of the branch.I sneaked in and set up a tripod on the opposite bank and backed out and left it alone untill opening morning.Now it had rained for two whole weeks right before season opened.The tripod was on a little bit of a slope but I never gave it no thought.While getting up in the stand as I was about to go for the swivel seat it started going over with me.Luckily I had placed it right beside a tree and I stuck my foot out and caught it.I managed to get back on the ground and pulled the legs out of the ground and swiveled the stand enough that being myself I figured I could try again.Same scenario as I was getting to the seat it started going over again.So while laying kind of sideways with my foot propped against the tree I looked over and here goes my buck trailing a doe along the other side of the branch.I put up my rifle sighted in (sideways) and squeezed the trigger.NOTHING.Then I remembered I'd never gotten to the point of chambering a round.Never saw that buck again all year.But I will be looking for him this year.Wasn't exactly a miss but was definately a missed oppurtunity.This being just one of the many I've gotten myself into over the years in the woods.See that wasn't hard.
I luv dis. lol

Walk softly,keep the wind in your face and watch your backtrail

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Alright, so i'm assuming that these dont have to be true ;)

soooo... i was staring down my scope at a beautiful 14 point buck, and as i was about to pull the trigger, and angry mob of liberal envirmentalist attacked me with sticks... the bullet flew just past the ear of the deer and the treehuggers stood in front of it, not allowing me to take a second shot. the deer gave me a wink and walked off into the sunset!

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um........you may need to talk to a professional.just saying

freedom can not be measured in safety.freedom is the ability of a citizen to live their life without government interference.
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and whats that supposed to mean??
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nothing nothing.no stick in my hand.

freedom can not be measured in safety.freedom is the ability of a citizen to live their life without government interference.
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gotta hate the stick weilding hippies......
*looks around nervously*
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Im not a good one with the made up versions. The year before last i shot at a doe and my excuse was my scope must have been off. Yeah yeah thats what my hunting partners said. I would have said the same thing if i were in their shoes. This was about a 20 yard shot. All i found was some white hair. I loaded up my gun on my front rack of my 4 wheeler and start riding down the mountain. Halfway down i notice my scope bouncing around and about to fall out. I guess the screw were vibrating out because the 4 wheeler. Thats my excuse. I never did tell the other guys about that because they would just say i was searching to hard for an excuse.

Then last year i had a monster buck at about 40 yds. I never got a shot at it and was disappointed. Now im glad i didn't. I shot the gun a week or so later at the range and did not even hit the target. It was a muzzleloader in both instances.

All my other misses i have no excuse for. I just missed.
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My Turn?

About 4 years ago, just as the rut was hitting high gear, I made my way into the woods to my favorite stand. About 23 feet above the ground, overlooking a spring fed pond to my west, a plum thicket to my north, and two of the largest funnels in the woods one would ever see. It was not unusual to see 12 to 15 deer each time I hunted this spot. It was the kind of spot a guy could be real picky.

Anyhow, for an evening hunt, I crossed the fence to the land, made my way around the pond, and headed for my stand. As I approached the area of my stand, I discovered a doe with her back leg stuck in an old section of wire fence. She was still as I approached, but began to thrash and scream as I got closer. I was sickened by the sound of the doe, both in pain and shock, trying to get away from me only to cause her legs to become more tangled in the old fence.

After a moment or two I knew I had to do something. I did have a doe tag and she was a fairly mature doe, perhaps 4 or 5 years old. With my bow in hand, and a fairly empty freezer, I knew what I had to do. As I raised my bow and came to full draw, the doe laid her head down and stopped moving. What happened, I thought? I lowered the bow and looked again at the doe. She was looking at me without moving her head, almost resigned to the fact that her time was about up. I noticed an extra large white patch on her upper left shoulder. It seemed unique to me at the time. I stood there for what seemed like forever, probably less than a minute, and decided to see if I could reach her legs without her getting excited or trying to get up again. I did.

I bent down on one knee and began to see if I would be able to remove the tangled fence from her legs. With a twist to the left, then a twist to the right, I was able to free her legs from the fence. I stood up and took a step back, as if to give her some space to realize she was free. But nothing. She just laid there. I approached her again. She lifted her head and looked at me in the eyes. I patted her on the hind-quarter softly and kinds made a "gettieup" sound. As if a deer would know what that meant. She did. Without taking her eyes off me, she shook her hind legs and realized she was free. Slowly she stood and began to walk away. After a few steps, perhaps 5 or 6, she turned her head and looked at me again. Without much fan-fare, or even as much as a thank you, she sprinted off into the woods, showing no sign of any damage.

I have seen this same deer MANY times since this fateful day. As a matter of fact, I see her, white patch and all, each year during the rut. For the past three years, she has entered my hunting area, with a nice buck in tow, and paused in clear view, just long enough for me to shoot here male friend. Is she doing it on purpose, her way of thanking me? I'd like to think so but who knows.

The most famous shot I ever missed was the one I decided not to take, and it's paid dividends to me for many years.
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Hey Buck that really happened to me just the other day. I just mounted a plastic gun boot on my 4 wheeler and noticed that it bounced around way too much. So I fired my gun and>>>>>5 high 4 left, from a previous dead on zeroed at 100 yds. So I got my inch increment targets and resighted. Luckily I tested it before hunting. Man I was so ticked. I ended taking the whole thing completely off.
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