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Native Floridian Vet 12-18-2012 10:15 PM

New to the "new ownership of deer"
I need some advice and opinions from some of the sages out there in cyberworld. Here is my story (remember there are two sides to the story to be fair to the land owners next to my lease...and how I see it)

1. I am a Veteran, retired military.
2. I am back at my home town
3. I purchased a lease of approx 55 acres near a small corner with landowners who object to killing "their deer" cause they fed them! (told me so)

At first I almost backed out of the lease because it was archery only.......the military never issued me a bow and arrow so I never learned to shoot accurately....

Anyway I got the lease ......I met a few of the landowners adjacent to the property...all seemed nice at first. (I bogged my truck down in the swamp they call a road) They were sympathetic but didn't offer to assist in vehicle recovery. (8N ford tractor idling nearby in the background)

Then in Archery season ....yes I learned to shoot somewhat accurately......
a deer carcass was deposited near my stand as well as other garbage that Bear like? Yep you got it Momma bear and two cubs moved right in....(they love shelled corn too.):confused:

Well after 50 plus years I have hunted a enough to say I missed a shot or two at deer. Killed one spike in all those years (really was about a three of four point but one horn was broken and the other was deformed with about three button bumps trying to make points on it? (okay it was an ugly rack!):unsure:

The lease I am in has some quality control rules (St Joe) Yes I got a shot at a large deer in low light conditions It wasn't the 6 point the lease requires........yes but it was a very healthy 4 plus point. :rolleyes:

During Archery season never really got a shot at anything....It is a bowhunting lease but I was informed that it was okay to shoot an occasional mistake... the land owners (who pay their taxes so they can hunt with cannons and dump deer carcases and dead fish and garbage near my deer stand) filed a complaint that I was making too much noise..........(but I don't see how they heard me over their private war zone...they like to shoot also.) Now I am back to Archery only....after the complaint.....I didn't see it in the owners manual for the deer lease and I didn't see the ownership tag on the one deer I did kill even though the "land owner" swears it was his deer because he fed it regularly? But how was he eating my feed when he was shot? I guess he was trespassing on my lease?

Anyway questions I have are....

1. where is the deer ownership tag?

2. How do you get the deer to stop so you can go out and count the points or measure the horns before you shoot it?

3. When did deer become the property of whoever feeds it? I thought that was just a teenager thing if you continue to feed it and it sleeps at home it's still yours?

4. What are you supposed to do when you try to be nice to the landowners who claim that the deer you killed is their pet? And they walk through your lease to visit you in the stand to prevent you from hunting that afternoon? (got the photo of the guy...I'll post online later)

Anyway to be the peacemaker I will probably sell the lease to this group of nice people. (at a profit of course) so they can retain ownership and feeding rights to their deer. I have offered to sell but they aren't taking the offer they just want to taint my stands and the one wants to walk his dog morning and afternoon on the road that is part of my lease?

I thought when john doe visited me the first day that it was just a cordial visit to make contact with the hunter and landowner however it was just a ploy to find any reason to report me to the St Joe Management team......
revenge for slaying the pet deer!

So have any of you experienced the warm welcome at leases purchases and deer hunting?

How do you sages of deer hunting suggest moving forward without harm or foulplay on either parties part?

So much for the fun of deer hunting........makes you want to quit.

All the same I would rather find a a decent reliable target range far far away...and shoot rifles the way the military taught me. one shot, one bullseye.

Hunting Man 12-19-2012 04:01 AM

I'd sell and get out.

delbert 12-19-2012 06:41 AM

Find a place people actually hunt deer you will fit in better

timberghost 12-19-2012 06:52 AM

Sorry to hear about your situation. Sounds like a your dealing with a bunch of stubborn, ignorant boneheads. Like the others said find a more suitable place you'll feel a lot better in. Welcome to the DHC and thank you for your military service.

BruceBruce1959 12-19-2012 06:56 AM

I would sell and get out too.

gfdeputy2 12-19-2012 08:10 AM

Have to agree Time to Bug out

tator 12-19-2012 09:09 AM

surely there are more leases out there that would be more "worth your time". I would sell and leave- they will not stop until they run you out.

Native Floridian Vet 12-19-2012 08:30 PM

Thanks for the advice
Thank you all (y'all) for the advice......I have to add both versions of the greeting to make sure I didn't miss anyone from all parts of the Union!

I sorta guessed it would be better to back down and sell the lease rather than escalate.........boy did I want to escalate! (Military training again).

Well since it isn't a real war zone and there are only fellow Americans even though buttheaded and as stubborn as myself, I'll take the advice and try to sell it back to them with the extra amount added to cover investments in time and trouble so far. Too bad so many hunters that try to settle back in after serving their country get to see the bad side of the people we served and protected their freedom for twenty plus years!
I didn't know all of the tricks to taint or ruin someone's deer stand until now.....and no as a good sportsman I wouldn't do those things to another American.
I'm signing off to this post ...Thanks again for the advice and I respect those who have been there and done that in the deer lease conflicts you never wanted or thought you would be caught in.

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