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tator 12-18-2012 11:17 AM

European Mounts
I have a very good friend whom I work with who has entered the European Mounting business. I'm not sure if anyone on the DHC would be interested, but he does a fantastic job with the skulls and gets them as bright white as anyone can. I have another friend who is building the wooden mounting plaques which can be sat on a table or hung on the wall. They charge $90 for the mount and plaque rest- which is a very good deal.

They are actually working on a 6 point I found dead in the woods this season. Once I have it back I will take some pics of it. Mine will not be as bright white as the others because it was in the woods for sometime with rotting flesh/skin/brains on it so the skull is dyed. However, he has the ability to paint the skull if you DO want it bright white and have had it sitting out. Otherwise, he uses his special cleaners to get the skull as white as possible on the more "freshly taken" deer.

I just wanted to pass this word along because I know many of you out there are on a budget and would like for something nice to be done for your buck or your son's buck. I realize this would probably be a local thing, but I'm sure something could be worked out through shipping as well.

They also will sell you the plaques by themselves or just do the European Mount if you want (you don't have to have both).

Both of these guys are deer-hunting enthusiasts and will treat your buck like it's their own.

Email me at if you are interested and I will gladly pass on your information and put you in touch with them.

**P.S. they will work with you on turn-around time as well. Right now they are currently staying busy with these mounts, but they are not backed up.

on_the_fly 12-18-2012 12:56 PM

Tator ya can still get your bright white if ya want. After its boiled for 30 mins in sal soda, then soak it in hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours, then set it out in the sun for a few days. It will be bright white. Then all you should have to do is spray with a fungicidal sealer for a protective gloss finish.

tator 12-18-2012 03:17 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are some examples of their work. As you can tell, they are of very good quality.

tator 12-18-2012 03:19 PM

I will post my 6 pointer that I found-

oh and otf... I told my buddy to just leave it tarnished a little and not bright white- that way it'll give it more character- Plus it's just going to be more for decoration than show-off since I found it and all. Thanks though!

tator 01-01-2013 01:31 PM

Very nice CR. I have still yet to take a pic of my 6 pointer I found dead. I will though, and will post the pic. It is currently hanging in my "man cave" haha

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