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soupy1957 11-13-2012 03:44 AM

YouTube Video Series
I've got a number of videos on YouTube already. A variety of topics about family, vehicles,putting in a wood stove, Guitar reviews, etc. (I'm "nutmegger1957" in YouTube).

Since I'm sure I'm not the only one who has decided at one point or another to "hunt," ........I thought it might be interesting to chronicle my journey into the world of "hunting" and do it in as many "parts" as need be, to help someone else along.

Putting a thread in here to help motivate me to actually DO it, and am thinking of the following topics in what would seem to me to be a logical chronological order:

-What do you want to hunt (Bird, Carnivore, Cervidae)
-Where do you want to go to do this (where are you allowed)
-What are your own personal limitations, if any.
-What gear will you need (game specific)
-What are your State requirements for hunting
-What hunting TOOL (Bow, Gun)
-Getting familiar with your "tools"
-Safety Course (First Aid as well)
-Planning your first hunt (Guide? Hunting Partner? Location? etc.)
-The actual "first hunt"
-Cleaning and processing your catch
-Cooking your catch
-Mounting your catch for display
-Lessons learned

I'm certainly not the expert here, as I've said from day one in this Forum. I may have lots of "deep woods" experience (and I do) and lots of friends who "hunt," but I am the last one to say I have any "hunting" knowledge and certainly no personal experience at this point in the actual "hunt." That's why I joined this Forum. To be guided into this by those who know.

The intent of the series would be to let someone else who is considering what I am doing, see what mistakes I make, and learn from them. Perhaps it will be an easier transition for them, (hasn't been bad for ME thus far, but I see some things now that I wish I knew at the beginning, particularly related to the timing of licensing and trip planning and costs involved), as they go thru it.

Stay tuned!! (Obviously I'll be giving "cudo's" to you folks in here and to this Forum in general, because of all I'm learning here; so that the ones who watch the Series can learn directly from your collective wisdom as well).

I have learned that some folks appreciate a more "live" (if you will) presentation, rather than text-based input. After all, how many of YOU go to YouTube or another video source for info, reviews, demo's, etc.. I do, ......all the time!!


Hunting Man 11-13-2012 06:15 AM

Soupy, rarely do I ever go to u-tube, I'm sure there is some interesting stuff but most of it is a waste for me but I do enjoy discussions here! :yes:

soupy1957 11-13-2012 07:30 AM

I've been amazed at how helpful actual video Reviews of products, and "How To" videos have helped over the years, in YouTube. It "puts a face" on what is discussed, here and in other locations on the web.


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