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soupy1957 11-08-2012 03:07 AM

Switching My Focus?
I've been thinking "Deer" all this time, and yet when I talk with the folks who are living back in the woods where I grew up, they tell me that I should think "Moose!"

I was told rather directly, that the chances of getting a Doe are pretty slim these days.

Perhaps due to over-harvesting, or a migratory shift or something.

That being the case, I have been exploring this idea of hunting a Moose!

My experience with them up close (not hunting them) has been that they are stupid, generally speaking. Don't tick em off, either! There are a couple of examples on YouTube of folks who go extremely close (bow hunter example), and nearly had their lives taken from them (the hunter that is).

Here's one: Moose Hunting Danger !!! - YouTube

It's a big animal!! More to field dress and lug out, more meat to store, very intimidating animal. I'd want to be ready for a second shot after some of the video I've seen of hunts done.

Perhaps I should mutually join a "Moose Forum" as well? (lol).

Now THAT would be a rack worth having on my wall!! There are elk up there, and Caribou. I'm surprised he didn't recommend THEM!!


gfdeputy2 11-08-2012 06:05 AM

does Conn. have a Moose hunt
even here in NH our deer population far exceeds the Moose population
I would think you would have a better chance at a deer & our moose season here only lasts like 9 days & is a drawing for tags
our deer season (bow longest) is from Sept 15 to Dec 15th

soupy1957 11-08-2012 01:07 PM

I haven't explored the notion of Moose Hunting in CT. We've had some migrate down from time to time, from up north, but they are not prevalent here.

My hunt for a Moose would be back up in Maine.


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