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soupy1957 11-03-2012 04:34 PM

Taking The Wife To Cabela's Is Dangerous!
Today, the wife wanted to see the Mosin Nagant 91/30 that Cabela's was holding for me.

I told her it was too big a gun for her 4 Ft. 11 In. self. She's got M.S. which is another complication.

So we went into Cabela's and then she had a chance to see and feel up close, the size and weight of the gun. She was decidedly changed in her thinking.

So much so, that the next thing I knew, she was out at the used gun racks, (mind you, this is a gal who has NEVER held or shot a gun), looking at old single-shot .22's from some old year (Winchester).

Next thing I knew, I was up at the counter buying her the .22.

This meant yet another paper trail, since all I have at this point is my CT Conservation ID, (no Hunting Safety classes open right now, and that's a prerequisite to a Hunting License, as you all know).

So while we were waiting, naturally, we had to "shop!" I ended up with two boxes of 45-70 shells; one box of .22 Winchester "shorts;" a blaze vest (insulated); a Bushnell (XLT?) 3x10 Scope; a weaver Scope Base and a set of Weaver Scope Rings; a pair of inexpensive binoculars; a gun strap; a butt shell band (holds like 9 rounds); a lockable Ammo Box; A lock; a First Aid Kit; A trigger lock for her bolt action .22; a cable lock for my 45-70; a Cleaning Kit; A camouflage backpack; a USGI Compass; ......
(and I think that's it?!)

Do I have to wear a "blaze" hat??????


Kansasdoe 11-03-2012 06:21 PM

Sometimes I think Hubby wishes he wouldn't have got me hooked on hunting.......but I did hear him tell his buddy the other day that its a good thing I started cause now he has better gear. Yes, its dangerous to take me somewhere like cabelas too.

timberghost 11-03-2012 10:22 PM

Some states require a certain percentage of orange but you'll have to check your states regulations. Sounds like you did alright in Cabelas.

soupy1957 11-04-2012 03:08 AM

The thing is, (I haven't read CT's laws very closely yet) they talk about "X" number of square inches of blaze, and yet I suppose the more the better, in terms of safety.

The wearing of Blaze-colored clothing evokes mixed emotions in me.

This morning I opened up the Ammo box and got out a .22 caliber shell and one of the 45-70's, and brought them to the wife for an object lesson. First I handed her the .22 and said, "here's what you'll be shooting." Then I gave her the .45-70 shell.
She got the picture!


timberghost 11-04-2012 11:14 AM

Deer cannot see the blaze orange like we the more the better in terms of safety.

soupy1957 11-04-2012 01:03 PM

I have heard that deer are color blind, yes. But they would see a spacial rift like we can, and I figured that perhaps a large blotch of (what would appear to them as) nothing, but raise an alarm in them. Thus the Camo Orange, (which I guess is legal in CT if I'm reading the rules right), but increases the odds that you and I COULD be more likely to be shot at. The "hat" part seems like overkill, but I'd rather wear it I guess, than to get "head" shot. Besides,..........on cold mornings, I sure would like a warm hat!!


tator 11-05-2012 08:42 AM

haha, sorry I had to laugh when I read "first aid kit"- I don't know why, but they are always a good idea to have while hunting!

In Missouri, we have to wear the orange on our head and upper body. I have a ball-cap I wear and vest. Now I hunt in box-blinds so I typically only wear mine while traveling to and from the stand.

I have a good friend who swears deer can see blue. I don't know why, but he once told me many stories of 'tests' he'd done and the blue spooked them every time?? Who knows. I'm with you, I believe they are color blind.

They also do not have good depth-perception at all. This is why sometimes with you only being 10 yds away they'll stand there and stare at you and sometimes when they are 300+ yds away and see you they'll sprint away blowing. But then again, it's also why they'll run from you at 10yds and they'll stand there staring at you from 300+yds. haha

soupy1957 11-07-2012 03:13 AM

Saw a video a couple of days ago, of a guy who was hunting Moose with a bow. First off, the idea of stopping a 1000 lb. Bull Moose with an arrow (no matter how sharp, or aptly placed) seems ludicrous to me.

In any case, the Bull Moose was standing (as it appears in the video) quite close actually, and the guy nearly got gutted by the Moose when shot. Talk about standing there and staring!!

Here's the link: Moose Hunting Danger !!! - YouTube


JayzDaddy 11-07-2012 06:30 AM

The CT regs state "400 square inches visible in all directions, and orange hat is strongly reccomended." I dont know how stickler they are but most vests should meet the requirements. You do risk problems with camo orange. The page i looked at didnt say "solid" orange but the camo loses some square inches. So to be on the safe side i would atleast walk in with orange hat and camo orange vest.

soupy1957 11-08-2012 02:58 AM

JayzDaddy: Since I already have the vest, (not the camo one, which I regret somewhat, since it appears that CT allows them), I will pick up the hat (rabbit fur lined) on Sunday (yet another trip to Cabela's). Problem is, and reason for the posting topic, is the danger of going there; wife or no wife! (lol).

Already I've developed a shopping list again; a Bore Light, two Bore Snakes, the hat I spoke of, .............and I could always pick up another box of ammo............geez.......the list is endless!! (lol). Oh, and of course we should stop and get a Bison Burger while we're at it!! How about some fingerless gloves and................


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