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carlie.vickers 04-02-2012 10:04 AM

ATV Lime DROP Spreaders
I’ve been doing some searching regarding ATV based Drop Style Lime Spreaders for dispensing BULK AG LIME on hunt club food plots.

From what I can tell there are only three companies that have equipment designed specifically to do this. They are ($2,400.00)
- 500 Lb. Economy Lime Spreader ($1,295.00)
- 1000 Lb. Economy Lime Spreader ($1,950.00)
- 1000 Lb. Deluxe Lime Spreader ($3,150.00) ($2,400.00)

Both “The Better Spreader” and Lil Limer companies only have a single piece of equipment to do this whereas Groundbusters has multiple configurations of their piece of equipment.

One of the key features I’m looking for is the ability to “Lock out the dispensing mechanism” when moving between locations with the equipment filled with lime or fertilizer.

It seems that only the Lil Limer (using a Hub Key) and the Groundbuster “DELUXE” model (locks out when dispensing ports are closed) provide this ability.

Has anyone used any of these or do you know anyone that has used any of these devices???

When discussions about these come up most folks immediately talk about how the equipment will only be used once ever 2-3 years depending upon the PH of the soil. However, my thoughts are that these are more than just for spreading lime in that they should also be able to spread fertilizer on the plots every year as well. I would think their versatility in that respect could make the cost of them a little more palatable.

ANY thoughts, comments, discussions on these would be helpful and GREATLY appreciated.


scottlons 04-09-2012 09:29 PM

The betterspreader was designed so that the unit does not need to be disengaged for transport whether loaded or empty. Once you arrive at the plot you simply open the drop gate to the desired setting and commence spreading. Also, I agree that an implement of this type should be multifunctional which is why we designed it with the ability to drop fertilizer accurately. We also chose stainless steel material as an added value to provide the purchaser with an implement that will provide a lifetime of service.Fiberglass and powdercoated steel are not ideal materials to provide lasting performance when dealing with abbrasive and corrosive materials such as lime and fertilizer.Please take a look at our web site The Better Spreader and feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity totell you why we believe our product is the best value available!
Scott Lons (Owner thebetterspreader)

carlie.vickers 04-09-2012 11:03 PM

Scott, are the wheel bearings on your product High speed bearings that can handle moving between sites quickly? I've seen some products, trailers/wagons, touted for ATV's but they didn't have high speed spindles and required you to run about 10-15 MPH Max.

Also, is there an PDF version of the operators Manual available on-line?


Unregistered 04-11-2012 02:17 PM

Two new pups on the
Two new pups on the way, a new kennel, work done on your truck. I think there might be a theme going on here. I would be very nrvuoes if I lived in Griffin and didn't produce birds. lol

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