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kemster99 04-09-2011 11:16 PM

Another good'un
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did some spotlighting tonight. ( yes, i have a gun and light permit, for hogs and such) Run into this guy out in a cow pasture, had a few friends with him, but they took off when this big guy hit the ground.

BruceBruce1959 04-10-2011 08:59 AM

Wow another awesome kill for the roaster!!! Good Job!!! :thumbup:

kemster99 04-10-2011 09:32 AM

thanks bruce. my freezer has been full. lol. i shoot to fill other peoples freezers now. The property i got a hold of, the landowner just wants them gone. have to find people needing or wanting meat. lol. some of the smaller pigs are used for yote bait.

BruceBruce1959 04-10-2011 09:55 AM

I would think just a couple of gut piles would serve well as bait for the yotes.

kemster99 04-10-2011 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 (Post 55008)
I would think just a couple of gut piles would serve well as bait for the yotes.

actually the buzzards will have a gut pile gone in about an hour. no sign that something died there. I know it doesn't sound to good, but i had to change my thought process alittle also. I got this property for hog eridication, it is a target rich environment and we are over run with hogs in Florida. so you take the pick of the good eating hogs and dispose of the rest. still have more people to give hogs to. but at some point their freezers will be full also. The shelters down here will NOT take wild hogs. Leaves me in a quandry what to do with them all.

BruceBruce1959 04-10-2011 10:16 AM

If you're going to be wallowing in pork, You could set yourself or a friend up doing wild pig roasts as a side business for family gatherings, beach parties, business events, etc...
Might even be worth setting up at local fairs/carnivals or even church events, church's are always looking for fundraising opportunities. just a thought.

WisconsinDeer 04-10-2011 05:08 PM

Congrats, looks like a real nice hog.

Hunting Man 04-11-2011 06:10 AM

Congrats on another pig. If the freezers get too full just start sending it up north. :w00t:

gfdeputy2 04-11-2011 12:11 PM

What HM said I was thinking the same thing
very Nice hog

tator 04-11-2011 03:18 PM

MMMMMMMM, I can already smell the bacon!

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