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Whitetail_Freak_Hunter 01-15-2009 06:31 PM

Just added a Red Dot
Well a buddy of mine sent me the drill and threading tap so..... we are going to see what all the fuss is over a Red Dot just to have some fun. I may keep it this way if I like it, but remove it until my next purchase is made. After I play around with this tomorrow, I can remove it and put my old iron sight back on for HD use or leave as is and well ......

Now if the BSA Red Dot holds up, and I like how it works for my a buddy of mine that makes Quiet Hyde Holsters will make me a holster to fit my new set up for hunting with.

Whitetail_Freak_Hunter 01-18-2009 07:59 AM

Well I got out and ran it thru the ringers. We could not bench rest for the testing, so all shots were off hand. The red dot does make it more sight visable on target aquiring, but I don't like the large 30mm Red Dot on top of the 629 as it would take getting used to.

One thing a friend mentioned to me was to try a Holo Sight later on.

So after I returned home, I removed everything and put it back to normal.

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