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Whitetail_Freak_Hunter 10-25-2008 05:54 PM

Your Handgun Hunting Holster
Living and hunting in both grizzly and black bear country, I needed something that would allow quick access to my handgun should I need it right away.

Well I have several holsters that I have tried. Strong side, belt cross draw, and regular shoulder holster. I veiwed several Bandolero Rig shoulder holsters but the expense when on a fixed budget is pretty high.

I have tried the vertical shoulder holster by Uncle Mikes, and I will say this is very nice if you need a concealment rig, but for handgun hunting I really don't need to keep my handgun concealed. Most other belt type of holsters do not allow for you to carry over your outter clothing should you need a heavy coat on those really cold days like we get up here in NW Montana.

How many of you have experienced the need to go while out in the woods, well this allows me to do just that without seperating myself from my firearm. Dang if a buck came by when a friend of mine was in a squating position and his rifle was leaning up against a tree. :photo: yep it would have been one of those camera moments.

So I looked at several things that I had already and applied some thought process here. I have worn this several times out in the field, and draw is very easy and I can say it flat out works. The only thing that I have changed on this, was to change the two 6 round cartridge holder to just one and place it on the belly belt which seems to work better.

Gator 10-27-2008 03:29 PM

I use the same set up,but I got lucky,when I bought my 629 the holster was included in the deal,I liked it so well I didnt have to try any other holsters,usually my luck doesnt work that way and I end up spending a fortune until I find something that works.(Drives my wife nuts):crazy:

Bucky1570 04-06-2009 03:37 PM

I live in michigan and would like to know where i might find a setup like that. It seems that it would work very well.

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