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Rogue-Hawk 05-17-2012 02:32 AM

Removing a Salt Mineral Lick..
Re-working an old established food plot with an active mineral lick. The lick currently onsite is active but needs replenishing. It's also in a bad location so here's my question for you food plot experts??

Once I establish a new mineral site. How do I deactivate the old one short of digging up the entire area..? I'd rather not attract them to the old one at all. Really bad location..

Ideas so far.. Lime... Bundles of logs or a brush pile.. Ammonia (liquid or granular).. Or..

Just want a deer safe way to shut the old site down. Any ideas?? Pros vs Cons..

Thanks Guys..

tator 05-18-2012 10:42 AM

I would think over time, the deer will venture to the new site. I guess you could cover it up with logs or old stumps, obviously deer aren't going to move them. Over time, the salt will seep deeper and deeper in the ground and it will no longer be as attractive to the deer. I would think in a year or two's time it'd be back to normal and they would have found the new site by then too. Place some whole-corn around the site as well if you think they aren't finding it soon enough- but my guess is that they will find it rather quickly. You could also place a trail cam at both spots and monitor which one they are frequenting more over the course of a year.

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