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WestTNHunter22 12-31-2011 09:29 PM

Deer feeder vs food plot?
Hey guys, me and dad are thinking about leasing this land for next year and I need some suggestions. Theres a open spot on the side of the dirt road going through the property (not a county road). I counted 3-4 rubs in this spot and it's only about 75 yards long 30 yards wide. We don't have any heavy equipment to plant a food plot. Maybe the no-till stuff? Or what about a tripod deer feeder? Let me know!

tator 01-01-2012 12:48 PM

Sounds to me like this will be too small for a food plot. I would try the feeder if I were you. make sure you set it in a place where you are not going to be hunting from or close by. Plus, make sure you check your state's laws about hunting over bait. I'd say if you have some good rubs in this spot, they are already frequenting this area, so why mess with a plot or feeder? Food plots can and are alot of work. There are MANY unforseen costs that can pop up. Especially if you don't have the farm equipment to do it. You also need to think about when you are going to "feed" the deer. If you want to feed them right now, then the feeder would be best, but if you are wanting to get food growing for this summer/next fall then you'll have to wait a bit to plant (depending on where you're at in the USA) and then wait some more for it to grow.

Good luck

delbert 01-02-2012 04:44 PM

Your just under a 1/2 acre
If you can keep it clean with round up and can scratch the dirt planting some oats in september, along with your feeder would be good.

Auto Bait Cover 01-04-2012 03:03 PM

Auto Bait Cover
Hey, just looking for some input on how other hunters feel about this new bait cover idea. Basically it covers up your standand bait pile and allows the user to program the timer which open and closes the cover of your bait pile. It holds up to three gallons of feed which is more than plenty for most states feeding laws. The idea of the ABC "Auto Bait Cover" is to make the hunter in control of when the deer come to feed because your common feeder tells the deer when to start feeding but they can't force the deer to stop feeding,(very important for deer that are mainly active at night). If you have any question check our the website below which will hopefully be completed soon or shoot me an e-mail at

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