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Pfielder 11-18-2012 04:25 PM

Spring Food Plot
Hello, I am going to plant a spring food plot next year. The area I am thinking of putting the plot is about 400 square feet of wooded,remote woods. It recieves indirect sunlight but I will clear out most of the small trees and brush. It is well drained with it being on a sloped area. Some of the mixtures I am thinking of planting are Throw and Grow(Evolved Harvest), Throw and Grow Extreme(Evolved Harvest), Imperial Extreme(Whitetail Institute), and Whitetail No-Plow(Whitetail Institute) as these are supposed to be planted in the spring and for shaded areas. I would rather plant Bowstand and Secret Spot from Whitetail Institute because both are specifically designed to be used in shaded areas. However, they are supposed to be planted in the fall. Do you think it would not grow or what if I planted it in the spring? Any comments on any of the other seeds I mentioned would help. If you have had any other success with other seeds share, please. Thanks!

delbert 11-19-2012 07:08 AM

Plant the spring plot when fall planting time comes work it in and plant your fall plot

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