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tator 05-07-2011 06:38 PM

Ok, I'm going to admit that I'm not a big fisherman. I hunt too much and have too many projects going on in the summertime to fish. Plus, the only fish I like to eat is catfish... well that said 2 questions for you all.

1. Can you fillet catfish, and if so, how?

2. What is the best bait to use for catfish... worms?

We have a pond that we stocked about 3 years ago with catfish so we're thinking they should be plenty big right now... right?
The pond is not very big. Probably 50ft. across all the away around.

on_the_fly 05-07-2011 07:26 PM

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yes you can fillet a catfish out!! i use and electric fillet knife on all my fish, first cut straight down to the spine just behind the head then roll your hand and fillet right down the fish keeping the knife right aling the spine then just before you get to he end down by the tail STOP an flip the fillet over now with your free hand grab the fish around the spine area when you stopped cutting and start filleting the meat off the skin by slowly pulling the fish away and the fillet knife just above the skin and pushing in the opossite direction of your other hand pulling the fish away. (if you didnt under stand that im sure someone has posted cleanig fish video on you tube you could look up)
second as far as bait i love using skip jack or shad as cut bait for cats, but some times chicken livers, green worms are awesome but hard to find. (i'm not talking about the injected worms like wal-mart sells those are just night crawlers diyed green, true green worms most comminly knows as sh$t worms have an awfull smell and usualy dont get very big and usualy only found on river banks and some creek banks.
pics are not related to any thing one was me being board an took a pic of my rods here at the lake and the other was a great day fishing the rive thats my dad andmy son in the pic with a nice catch of big head carp and a few spoonbills (we only eat the spoonbills though)

scribe 12-22-2011 04:46 PM

You catch catfish on just about anything. I prefer strips of chicken breast. We caught these drift fishing chicken breasts on 10# line with a 1/8 ounce splitshot 12" inches above the bait. We caught 25 in five hours, tops was 33# My partner is the criminal court judge here but I caught bigger fish anyway.

Tailwater fishing below a dam can be highly productive even when there is no generation.

Ohio Hunter 12-02-2012 05:14 PM

Catfish Bait
Catfish bite on almost anything. The best bait is really how big u want to catch them. For 1-10 lbs i would use a chunk of hotdog soaked in a tube of chicken livers. For bigger catfish i would use a bigger bluegill.

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