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kcguy 10-07-2013 08:15 PM

Hott Johns Heated Thermal Underwear / Long Johns
I got tired of being cold while I was hunting so I came up with this product.

Hott Johns Heated Thermal Underwear.

Hott John Heated Thermal Underwear Stay Warm While Enjoying The Outdoors - Hott Johns Heated Thermal Underwear

What is Hott Johns Heated Thermal Underwear
Hott Johns Heated Thermal Underwear are the newest form of staying warm that actually works while enjoying your outdoor activities. Hott Johns is a heated thermal underwear or is also know as heated long Johns. Our unique design does not use any type of batteries but is powered by such heat packs like Hot Hands, which gives you 8-10 hours of heat off each use.

Hott Johns Heated Thermals have a total of 12 pocket pouches for the most effective way to keep warm. These pockets are strategically placed so that you can the most effective heat from the product. Use 1 or all 12 of the pockets, as that is the beauty of Hott Johns heated thermals. Hott Johns heated thermal underwear shirts are totally customizable with its heat sources so you can stay warm while you are enjoying the outdoors.

(12) Warmers are INCLUDED with your purchase so you are ready to go and stay warm.

Color - BLACK

Material - Fleece Thermal

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