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daddus1 04-24-2013 08:45 PM

Difference in arrow flight
Was over to the indoor range today and it seemed like my shots were all over the place. Not that I'm a good shot but I was really bewildered at what was going on.
Well I finally decided to take two arrows that had not hit where I wanted and took them out of play and things straightened up pretty well so I can only assume that I have two arrows out of six that shoot a little different.
Anyone else have anything like that go on?
I'm open to any input, thanks,
Easton Blood Lines Carbon with Luminocks and 125 gr field point

gfdeputy2 04-25-2013 05:40 AM

Have had that when I shot PSE Xweave arrows Have not had it with the Carbon express Mayhen hunters yet. You can get a bad arrow or two no matter how much you spend on them it happens & does not take much of a defect to send it wild

Hunting Man 04-25-2013 07:00 PM

I always shoot my bolts to see which are the best and weed out any bad ones.

Hellbilly 04-26-2013 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by Hunting Man (Post 81866)
I always shoot my bolts to see which are the best and weed out any bad ones.

same here. I will pick one as my main shooter. also could be fletching problems

daddus1 05-21-2013 08:44 PM

Well i figured out what I was doing wrong as far as my arrows were concerned.
I fixed something that didn't need fixing. After shooting very well I got different arrows but they were cheaper arrows and as I should know better.
So I went back to MY FMJ's
I'm looking for more of the FMJ's 20", half moon knocks with lime green and white fletching . if anyone runs across these please let me know.

gfdeputy2 05-22-2013 05:10 AM

Daddus Check Ebay just saw a bunch on there not sure if they are the exact ones you are looking for or not but they are on there

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