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timberghost 11-11-2011 11:32 AM

Joe Paterno/Penn State
This guy has been a coach for years. Has he been fired or something? I remember being really young and hearing his name in college football. Any info?

timetohunt 11-11-2011 02:59 PM

As a Penn State Fan this really saddened me to see him kicked out the door in this manner. It was bad enough to learn that he was being "forced to retire against his will - only to be fired a few hours after making that announcement.

The events the scandal is centered on is a terrible thing. From all that I read Joe Pa did was was necessary and let them deal with it. There are many things in life we can look back on and say we wish we had done things differently.

My theory is that those that wanted to see him go took this as the golden opportunity to force the change. Somewhere along someone tried to cover this scandal up and with it national news now "heads needed to roll" to show that they are doing something about it. Unfortunately the legacy and name of the greatest football coach has been tarnished and stained as part of the fall out.

I hope those that are truely part of ths terrible event are found out and rightfully brought to justice as those abused are forever scarred.

I beleive that there had to be a better way to handle this with regard to Joe Pa. I would like to see the Penn State football team refuse to play their last two games. Sure this will cost them a chance at the Big 10 title but would also send support to their now former coach

Hunting Man 11-12-2011 06:55 AM

I was sad to hear of the coach being fired while we were hunting there. Until (all) the facts are put public we'll have to see where all the blame goes. One thing I do disagree is no coach is greater than it's school and Joe is no exception. I know PS backers think very highly of Joe and rightly so. I wished he would have retired several years ago and let his long time assistant coach get his due. Joe will always be a really great coach not sure if I would rate him best all time just because of longevity/wins, but he's right up there. I think you have to look at all things including national champs ect to rank the coaches but I hear you. Maybe when the facts are all lined up Joe will be fully vindicated, I hope so as college football has taken an ugly turn this last couple of years. Joe and his wife have given so much to Penn State and to have this handed back to them makes for some sour grapes. OSU's troubles have really hit hard this year. The coach tried to protect his players and lost his job over stupid players. Look at Miami and it's crap just makes college football less enjoyable for me and this new issue just adds to it. The coach always takes the blame for school troubles.

tator 11-28-2011 10:32 AM

Now that all the information is out there... I've lost all respect for Paterno as a human being, he did do the wrong thing. In this case, the wrong thing was NOT making sure this incident was reported to higher authorties (THE LAW). The thing you have to think about is this... if this was YOUR son that was being sexually abused and you knew that Paterno knew this but did VERY little about it, would you still think he's innocent? NO. In fact, I think he's just as guilty as the red-head grad assistant guy. This is more than football... this is ABUSE. This is NOT something to take lightly and NOT something you just "forget" about. The sad thing is, is that this happened SOOO many years ago and now all these young boys are now grownups and probably having alot of trouble in their lives/carreers/families all because of one stupid person who abused them because he had the ability and power to. It makes me sick about what he did. But it makes me even MORE sick to think about 2 grown MEN knowing about this and letting it go like it never happened.

Shame on Paterno, Shame on the grad assistant (who by the way is NOW COACHING at Penn State- wonder how that happened??) and of course Shame on Sandusky.

tator 11-28-2011 11:06 AM

and one more thing...

This just goes to show you that when dealing with big-market college sports anything goes.... In this situation there were at least 2 grown men who decided that football was more important than children's lives. I'm sure Paterno IS sorry about this,,, but then again, "sorry" doesn't fix anything.

gfdeputy2 11-28-2011 04:42 PM

Tator could not have said it better I agree 100%

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