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hunt NH 06-27-2011 01:38 AM

why7 do non christains feel the need to get the last word in in any conversation involving god?
i was talking to a co worker about how we work 7 days a week at work. i mentioned that even god rested on the 7thy day. even admited that i knew it was wrong / a sin that i work 7 days a week to keep my emplyer happy. and made the point "its all right there in the bible." he told me thats one book he did not want to discuse with me. being (as you guys know, not at all pushy, or not wanting to force my religion on any one.) i backed right off. after about a 30 second (verry uncomfortable for me) moment of silance. he comes back with. " i was molested as a child. if there was a god he would not have let that happen." i took this as him feeling the need to have the last word. and not wanting to push it to far, and get myself in trouble at work i told him "30 sec ago you told me, that you did not want to talk about it. if you want my anser to this you will have to ask me." i know my answer to this question, buit wont give it to him unless he askes. but it just comes to me that non christians need to have the last word in any conversation about god. and poses to me the question why?

hunt NH 06-27-2011 01:48 AM

my answer to him incase any one ever wants to know, my way of desrcibing it to him..... i feel that our relationship to god is that of a dog and his loving owner. there is unconditinal love between bolth, and they are not equils. the dog unconditonaly loves his owner, and the owner loves his dog. (even when it poops on the floor you still love it, much like how gos loves us when we sin.) he has a dog. my point of this analagay is that. if he lets his dog out side to go to the bathroom, and a pack of cyotties atacks it ( much as the pedofile attacked him) that dose not mean that he wanted it to happen, or is any less real. god give us free will, just as the coyottes had free will. and sometimes things happen that he dose not want to happen because of that.

Hellbilly 06-27-2011 11:34 PM

they want to justify it.Also I think your co-worker really wants to talk about it or he would not have told you that

hunt NH 06-28-2011 03:37 AM

i realy think he just needed the last word. id be more than willing to try to help him get saved, but baced off knowing him. i think he just felt the need to get in the last word/ try to take a stab at god.

scentman 06-28-2011 11:38 AM

That poor guy has alot of baggage bro, and he cried out to you... ask God how to handle this delicate situation and go at it slowly my friend.
God created all of us and he loves that dude as much as he loves you, so tred lightly and maybe just listen to him.

tator 06-28-2011 04:40 PM

Like scentman said, i would pray about it huntnh. God will give you the wisdom, guidance and most importantly the words to say to this man. Your analogy was dead on and makes good sense. God gave all humans a mind and the ability to make our own choices. If that weren't so, we'd ALL be worshiping Christ every second of every minute of every hour, etc... He wants us to CHOOSE him. This man is crying out to you huntnh... If I were you, take him out to coffee or something or go somewhere quiet to talk. Don't worry about helping him except Christ in his life right now, because that's probably the last thing he wants to do. Work slowly, but persistantly and pray as you do your work. You may be the ONLY Christian this man knows in his life right now. Most importantly, watch how you act, what you say and how you live your life around him. It's easy for someone who is defensive about beign a non-Christian to bring up examples they see in you. (that's one thing I HATE!!!)
God does not want bad things to happen to his precious creations, but he allows them to for many reasons. The same could be said about the horrible tornado that just went through southern Missouri in Joplin. ALOT of people died and many are saying "if God loved us He wouldn't have let that happen". That's not the case at all. There are so many reasons why God allows bad things to happen to humans that I can't even list them. But one important one is this, are we going to choose Him when all the other doors are shut and nothing makes sense and life is spirling out of control? are we going to cry out to Him for strength and for control of our lives? Are we going to rely on His power and His authority over this world? That's just be beginning...
Good luck huntnh, you have an awesome priveledge in front of you!

daddus1 06-28-2011 07:51 PM

Hunt NH,
Those darn non christians, they are just like we were before we know better.
LOL sadly. Think back before you were enlightened, I was the same as them.
By the way they are not non christians they are pre christians, think positively, God can do it all we cannot do much of anything, you are doing great Hunt our job is to carry the message after that God can handle it, He's quite capable. I do see your point you'd like to see a good sign but sometimes immediate is not on Gods calander. You are doing great just keep trying to explain the word. You catch em God will clean em! Hunt God bless you for trying, keep up the good work.

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