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tator 09-15-2010 11:03 AM

some troubling news.....
I have been hearing alot lately, especially on TV, that christianity is a myth. I can't tell you how hurt I feel when I hear someone say that to me, or to us as christians. It breaks my heart for two reasons: 1, that someone can be so ignorant of the truth and 2, that no one has witnessed to this person before and "broken through" to them.
As Christians, this is hard to take. I am a youngest child and as all of the youngest children of their family on here know, we like to argue and get our way. That's a HUGE flaw I have, and I will admit I need to bit my tongue alot more than what I do. It is important as Christians though, that we don't fight this battle. I am by NO means saying we're giving up, or giving up on this person, but as John McArthur says, the Bible does not need defending. Our job as Christians is to tell others about God and How Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It is not to defend the Bible and to defend God. God does not need us to defend him. That's not our job as Christians. What happens when we try to do this is arguments, hurt feelings, frustration, disrespect, verbal abuse and ALL THESE THINGS are the work of the devil. That is how the devil works in his sly ways. He turns us, Christians, against the world so that we are defending ourselves. This is one of the reasons why the world and our country is the way it is right now. We need to stop defending our faith in negative ways. Explaining our faith is different, if we explain how we became a Christian and how God has worked in our lives, then we are not defending God. We know we are correct, we know we are going to heaven, why do we have to defend something that is so certain that, to us, it's not even funny. God sees our work, he knows that we are doing the right thing and we are living our lives for HIM. The sad thing is, some people are just un-reachable. They are so shut-off from the "real Christian world" that they are caught up in this "fake world". Christianity to us, is serious business. We are serious about our religion, we are serious about our God and we are serious about spreading the word of God. To much of the world, we are a joke. It makes my heart hurt for the Lord. Sort of like someone putting down your real father, mother, sister, brother... it hurts. Because they don't know HIM like we do.
because HE lives, I can face tomorrow...

buckfever 09-15-2010 10:10 PM

Our pastor preached on this not to long ago.

Arguing doesnt reach the unsaved. Christ does. We spread the Word, God works on their heart.

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