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tator 06-14-2013 03:11 PM

Be Aware...
I think I posted something along this topic about a year ago or so- but I'm not sure. I have a great Sunday School teacher who does an outstanding job of relating God's word to everyone's life. This past Sunday he reminded me of something he taught me a LONG time ago but had forgot. In our walk everyday in life, many times we think, "I'm not feeling pressured by satan at all". This is a scary time in anyone's life. When you feel as though satan is not pressuring you to do bad... that's because you are distant from God. Remember, ALL satan wants you to do is ignore God. He doesn't care if you do bad thing, persay, he wants you to NOT be one of God's children. So when you feel like satan is leaving you alone, he is, but it's because you have not been in touch with God. The truth is, when your relationship with God is strong, satan is going to tempt you, he is going to throw things in your way to aggravate you, but when you are strong in Christ, these obstacles mean nothing because you have Him for help. I'm sure we all know people who feel like they don't have to go to church or worship God because they are "good people" and they "always do the right thing". Well, satan is ok with you being a good person and always doing the right thing... this is because you are NOT strong in God. Think about it like this...
If you had an enemy here on earth, I mean someone you absolutely hated with passion... Now, let's say you go out and meet 9 new people today. 3 of the people know this hated enemy of yours and they are all good friends to him/her- how would you react? 3 of the people don't have a clue who this enemy is at all, never met him/her- You probably wouldn't even talk about your hated enemy huh? The final 3, know who this enemy is, but don't really have any feelings one way other another towards him/her- What would you do to persuade them to NOT like this enemy?
So now replace yourself with satan and the enemy as God. Get the picture?

Time to pray! Thanks for reading guys/gals

Hunting Man 06-14-2013 07:04 PM

Tator, thanks for the post!!!

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