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timberghost 02-09-2012 09:48 PM

Nutty dog
A guy I work with owns this dog...and the dog is absolutely insane. He's really smart, energetic as heck and a boatload of fun. When a tree is being cut he knows to stay away at a real safe distance but when the tree is down it becomes his. He will attack the limbs and try pulling the whole thing apart and he will bark and growl at it and gets mad at anyone trying to walk by it. He puts on a really great show of growling and barking but will never ever bite. He finds big rocks and carries them around with huge sticks and stuff. On command he will sit, fetch, bark, growl even jumps in the machines with the operators. He will take any food item and go bury it until he is hungry again and will dig it back up sometimes days later. In this pic the owner got tired of hearing him barking and growling at this one rock so he threw it in the puddle.....well the dog went right in and retrieved the rock. In the summer time he will take him to fishing spots and stuff and the dog b-lines it for the water and loves it. He is a Pitbull/Boxer mix. This is why I was asking you all about dogs.

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