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buckfever 02-03-2012 11:18 AM

1948 Allis Chalmer C
I got this tractor from my grandpa's brother. I guess that would make him my Great Uncle?

We spent about 8 hrs getting it running and then I loaded it up and brought it home. Started painting on it a little yesterday.

I also bought a 1940 Allis Chalmers WC that the motor is locked up on and an old set of rear tires for $200 from him.

We are also getting for $400 a 1949 Allis Chalmers B from one of his sons. I have to make up my mind of whether I want the B or the C that I currently have. One of my brothers will buy the other one from me for however much money I have in it.

I like old tractors and I like messing around with them. I also got a free Athens disk turner with the C that I picked up. Played with it in the garden and it turns dirt like pretty awesome!

Here are a couple pics of the C.

tator 02-03-2012 11:48 AM

NICE! Sure wish I had a tractor! I always have to steal my dad's or my father-in-law's! lol

delbert 02-03-2012 06:37 PM

Nice !!! Its a good thing to spend your $$ on
Here is a good site to look up ( Yesterdays Tractors )
A lot of good advice and people

BruceBruce1959 02-04-2012 07:54 AM

that is really cool bf, it looks young again painted
I've always wanted to buy a tractor just to restore it but that idea just hasn't panned out yet. :coffee:

Kansasdoe 02-04-2012 11:31 AM

Nice looking little oldie. My dad used to have an old Allis but he traded it off. Wish I could have got it.

Hunting Man 02-04-2012 01:03 PM

Pretty cool BF, I like old stuff, and restoring them is better than throwing them out!

delbert 02-04-2012 05:23 PM

It dont matter how much you spend on it
you always get your money back on a Classic

Gamestalker 02-04-2012 06:21 PM got the right color tractor! That's my favorite kind too. Here's a couple pic's of a model B that I have:

Gamestalker 02-04-2012 06:25 PM

Oh yea.... I forgot to post a link to a really great forum that you'll find very useful. Here it is: AllisChalmers Forum

timberghost 02-04-2012 07:22 PM

Those are great tractors...back then engines were easy to work on and didn't have all the fancy electro jazz like todays.

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