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scribe 01-11-2012 05:42 PM

Step in the Wrong Direction?
A Step Forward and a Step Backwards.

There is a new device on the market to help us take a step backwards in honing our hunting skills. It also helps us take a step forward in providing negative thoughts by anti hunters and non-hunters.
The device is the Game Spy. As I understand it, it is designed to alert us when game is near. Think about it.
How many deer have I failed to connect on because they busted me, saw me before I saw them? Untold numbers and some dang big ones, too. Why was I caught? I was not a good enough hunter. That is it, plain and simple. I could not hunt well enough, could not stay alert. Now I donít have to. This little thing will tell me when a deer gets within 80-feet of me in any direction.
Personally, I do not think it is fair chase. Personally, I am opposed to it. Personally, I think the company is going to make fortune if it does what I understand it does. That of course, is depending on legality. If it is legal, and the person two trees down from me wants to use one, it is not my problem. He certainly has the right to and I shall not think less of him for doing so. It is not my problem.
On the other hand, is it?
How do you think PETA will use this information to portray hunting? How do you think the non-hunting majority will view it? Maybe it is my problemÖand yours.
Why does a device like this have such a bright future? Because so many of us donít want to learn to hunt. We want to kill and more importantly, we want to kill big bucks like the guys and gals on TV kill so easily. Many will go to almost any lengths to do so. We do not want to work at hunting as our ancestors did. We want to take the easy way to put the heads on the wall.
As we move deeper into this century, we move away from learning woodsmanship and hunting skills and we move closer to being placed on the endangered species list.
One step backwards in learning skills and one step forward towards extinction.

Just my opinion. You are more than welcome to yours

spiker 01-11-2012 06:24 PM

Boy i gotta get this along with my soaps,scents,scentlock clothing,special gum,shampoo,flaregun scentdispenser,dont drink the night bfore,watch what you eat when hunting,weight forward arrows,carbon boots,etc.Wait come to figure i shot just as many deer with bow and gun years ago in jeans and a camo hoodie.Go figure:crazy::crazy::crazy:

Hunting Man 01-11-2012 06:36 PM

Scribe I just got back from PA tonight. Hunted with flintlocks nothing else. Simple and pure enjoyment. I turned down several shots at young deer as I wanted a mature doe or buck only. Seems like we don't have the time to train the youngins like we learned ourselves. There is so much knowledge to share but it just takes so much time to teach. I don't like what I see in the near future for hunters.

scribe 01-12-2012 04:47 AM

I five years will this come with a video screen and self-scoring software and the range moved out to 100 yards. Can we download onto our cell phones and get a "book" score before we shoot?


spiker 01-12-2012 05:58 AM

I was taught to hunt by my uncle.I was taught to watch the wind,be patient and any deer is a trophy.The biggest thing i learned was respect for the animal your hunting.There is a huge difference in hunting and killing.The gadgets and stupidity that keep coming out and people buying them amazes me.Nowadays a kid expects to shoot a 160 his first day out and that any other deer is inferior thanks to these tv shows.Obviously my last post was sarcastic but who if they bought this product would feel like a hunter.I also feel the same way about the REAL TIME TRAIL CAMS where they watch where the deer are at that moment.Just my 2cents.

Hunting Man 01-12-2012 07:36 AM

I'm not into trail cams, electronic calls, ect either, takes away one of the best things about hunting; scouting and woods time, the chess game, as I like to call it. The Chess Game is putting the woods puzzle together as you see it, out scouting not from camers mounted over a feeders. Why bother looking for scrapes, rubs, trails, funnels, every thing that hunting is about, when you can hang a feeder and trail cam and know what you're going to shoot and just sit out and shoot it when it comes to feed like a cow. I'll bet some on here will get their dander up but facts are facts. If you want to hunt with all the things to guarantee something, fine with me, just don't call it hunting. Lets call it getting from now on. All the gadgets currently available take away the art of hunting as it was taught over the last 200 years. That probably doesn't bother many, it does bother me. I will say that I know our/my age has something to do with hunting perceptions but we're loosing the art of hunting and few seem to care. Scribe, you hit on a sore subject for me as I watched my brother's son get mad after missing his first buck and headed back to camp to play with electronic game boys. Had it been me, he would have toughed it out learned his first lesson: failure is one of the best teaching tools available. It forces you to think, what did I do wrong and correct it.! Take away the hunting Chess Game and I'm done hunting, getting, whatever we call anymore. Hunting in it's purest form is the greatest feeling a hunter can experience, I hope all here have that same experience packed away in their memory files. Fire back folks, I'm primed and ready. :boxing:

tator 01-12-2012 09:12 AM

I don't agree with these new gizmos either, but I do agree with trail cams. I enjoy seeing the wildlife in the woods and it gives reasurance to me when I start thinking there are NO deer around. I use trail cams as a patterning tool. I'll never use real-time trail cams nor will I use this 80 ft deer thing. Personally, if you don't know a deer is within 80 ft of you, you need to find another sport.

rdrader2002 01-12-2012 10:42 AM

Scribe - 80 feet you say?? Hmmm, let me get out my calculator, oh, wait a minute, 25 yards times 3 feet per yard . . . . I'd say that was just shy of 27 yards or so. I haven't seen anything get within 27 yards or so of my blind, except maybe for the 6 point that walked up from behind me a few years back.

But I agree with everyone else (so far), in that true hunting is a lot more than just plopping yourself in a blind or tree stand and expecting a really nice 8 point to show up on opening day of the season. (okay, so that happened to me this season, but it certainly is a first in many, many seasons)

My sons have both spent many days with me and seen nothing. My oldest did get his "trophy" a few years back, although it might not be called one by northern whitetail standards (maybe 90-110 score?). And some of y'all might not even call what we do here in Tx real 'hunting', since we're allowed to use bait such as corn.

But hunting to me is spending time in the woods or pasture or whatever you have to hunt on, finding the trails, scrapes, etc. and making the best of whatever situation you have. The time that we have to spend on our children and grand-children, getting them into the stands, introducing them to shooting and hunting, teaching them that in time they will eventually get a trophy, and more important (for me) is that whatever you are getting, it is for putting food on the table and not killing just to be killing.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. Guess I got a bit long winded on that one.


Kansasdoe 01-12-2012 11:00 AM

I don't believe on real time cameras either (unless I could put them by the road to watch for poachers!) but I do like trail cams. I wasn't into hunting until hubby got ours and we started to check them. I think its fun to see what's out there and eventhough ours is by a feeder we aren't shooting them like cattle coming in to feed. I sit on the other side of the field with my bow where they cross. Now that its rifle season the deer are mostly nocturnal because of all the pressure from other hunters and the trail cam has let us know what's still there. That gives me hope for next bow season. Its also alot of fun for our little girl to look at the pics. It lets her see deer that she wouldn't be able to see otherwise. It fuels my sons ambition to get his shooting more accurate with his bow and build up his draw weight so someday he'll get a shot at "the deer in the pictures".

tator 01-12-2012 12:02 PM

I agree Kansasdoe--- using trail cams gives ya something to show-off to your co-workers about and gives you something to talk about.... why not use these pics to get people interested?

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