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I'm a young guy and can remember things happening like this when I was in school. The sad part is the big kid is enjoying pushing and hitting the smaller kids....this is a common disease in America that is cured by 1. having a bigger guy beat his ass (dad, brother, etc) or 2. two or three smaller kids beating his ass. The guy is sitting there and smiling, and the coach isn't stopping it along with the refs. I look at this as being robbed or beat in the street...if the cops aren't going to help you, you must protect yourself. I am not saying that he should get shot or anything, but a bully simply needs his ass whipped. Kids/people nowadays (because of internet, school rules, and liberal parents) NEVER have to take responsibilities or consequences of their actions. As I finished up highschool there were new rules that said no matter how many times you got hit, if you hit back you could be expelled.....BS. If someone, like this guy, is hitting people and no one is stopping it. Get two or three bigger guys around and knock a few teeth down his throat. I hate to get so riled up about this, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine
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I agree volhunter... this type of crap goes on and kids think now days they don't have to be responsible for it. I don't care if they kid is 15, 16, 17, 18 or WHAT, he has a brain he knows how to use it, and he DID NOT DO IT. Welcome to the real world buddy. Our society has become "all about" 2nd and 3rd chances. Whatever happened to 1 chance? Heck, if I was that kid doing all that stuff in the video, I'd never have played sports the rest of my life. My parents would've forbid it.

What gets me is if you watch it again, look in the background throughout the whole video. There are NO fans standing up or yelling or doing anything. At the end, there's even a guy standing in the doorway and has NO emotion what-so-ever as that #34 throws that kid to the floor... how can you NOT have emotion towards something like that? I don't care if that was "MY TEAM" I was routing for either. How blatantly stupid are these two kids? How stupid is this coach? ANd how stupid are these refs? BTW there was 3 OF THEM.

If my child was one of these boys that got thrown to the ground, we'd be going to the emergency room after the game and getting a full body check out. Then we'd be stopping by my lawyer's office and showing him a video of what just happened and then giving him the bills for to the Dr. for him to serve to this BOY's family. If he's not 18 I'd sue his parents butt for the amount the bills are for. If he is 18, I'd press charges of battery and agrivated assault.

Puke kids need one thing... to be taught a lesson

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I would be willing to bet that the coach put that boy to play that position for that reason. What better way to help keep your win record as a coach than to put your big ogar under the basket. This is something often seen in small town sports.
What kid of his size and age wouldn't smile being instructed to knock them smaller kids around like that? Does it make it right heck no !!
Why does the school allow the coach to run a team that way, of corse one realy couldn't prove he was telling the boy to be so rough, but they could still have that boy removed or benched
Why don't the parents say anything ? Are they realy more concered for a win than a kid with a broken bone or other injury ?
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Any one of those big hits could have resulted in a serious injury. I would not have sat on my hands and watched. I might have gotten in trouble but something would have taken place. I get more worked up every time I watch it. There is NO room for those kind of actions in HS sports. I once was going to get prosecuted for pushing a ref in the parking lot after a terrible game. He got into my face and I pushed him away. He call the city and filed charges. It went no where after I retained a lawyer and had a witness watched him following me to my truck. So I know a little about these things. Ha Ha
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Relax tator.. i didn't want to cuss in front of ya
It reminds me of the bad coach in the karate kid movie
break his leg
The refs should be canned with the rest of em
I know i would of gone down and got in a refs face if my kid was in that game
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tator- I agree that all the fouls were intentional but I dont believe all were flagrant. You would have a hard time proving intent. That being said, I dont condone anything that was done by the kid. He was obviously there for intimidation factor. The so called "hold" should have been enough to get him ejected, tossed off the team, suspended and arrested.

The same for the coach and as someone else proposed, the refs.

Please understand we are on the same side on this one. I abhor what that kid was all about.

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Tator, being a basketball coach says it all. I was wondering why it upset you so much and you know the game along with the discipline to play it. I know nothing about basketball at all. I do know that in box lacrosse we use the pic thing on offense to setup scoring opps. and our defense usually has a big, monsterlike intimidator to hammer any runners going through the middle. But having a big man like that in basketball just out there to cause mayhem and throw his big butt weight around is uncalled for when I'm pretty sure that basketball does not allow physical contact of that nature. That kid was just a big meatball bully....yeah people like that get on my nerves and I would've probably already scrapped him if I was in school again.
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delbert- my apologies... I was not trying to disrespect you or be sarcastic towards you. I let my emotions get the best of me and I "took it out" on you. We all agree with what the right thing was to do in this situation and that would've been to somehow STOP the game from continuing if these actions persisted.
I see and know alot of basketball coaches that are like this. Jerks. I go to clinics, camps, etc... and see them all the time. They care nothing about their families, they care nothing about their teaching jobs, they care nothing about their players, they care about themselves only. They care about their record. They care about winning. These types of people need to get out of basketball. They are no good, and morally they are corrupt. The bad thing is, kids look up to their coaches. Many kids don't have father figures at home. Their coach becomes that figure. Especially at the HS level, so many coaches cuss their kids out and verbally abuse them even to the point where they are emotionally abused. Then they wonder why they don't perform for them? Idoits. It's disgracing to me to see a coach allow something like this to go on. Put it this way, how mad do you all get when you see a video of someone doing something that gives hunters a bad name? or steelworkers a bad name? or factory workers a bad name? Makes your blood boil a little more when it hits close to home.

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Originally Posted by rdrader2002 View Post
One thing about bullies like that . . . . . . eventually they will run into someone who is bigger and badder than they are. Really enjoy reading about bullies who end up getting their due . . .


I covered high school and small college ball for many years. I saw some of that. Always...always, somewhere down the road, was a payback and it was usually a dandy. I can recall two instances off handf where the offedning players were ejected and when it happened in suicceeding games, they were suspended for the year in that sport only. Once by the boy's own coach.
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