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Old 08-18-2010, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
guppy at 35 that was young for a replacement! However, if a new neck would get rid of the pain I'd go in tomorrow. Glad it worked out for you.
I've never heard of a "neck replacement" but maybe you could be the first and get it done for free! LOL
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Old 08-19-2010, 12:33 AM
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For those of y'all that think Aleve (Naproxen) is the best pain reliever since aspirin, I'd take a good read at the following article. Here's just the first para and here's the website to read the rest of it -- NAPROXIN CAUSED 50% more CORONARY events than placebo

WASHINGTON - A study testing whether Celebrex or naproxen would reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites) was halted Monday after researchers noted an increase in heart attack and stroke among participants who were taking naproxen, an over-the-counter pain reliever on the market for nearly 30 years.

Basically, I blew out my lower back (shattering L5/S1, rupturing L4/L5 disks in lower back) in 1989. Since then, I've relearned how to lift things and how not to. I have a lot of good days and some not so good days and mostly just live with whatever level of pain that I have at the time. There are no 'pain free' days, just less pain than others. Sleeping is different, too, requiring a modified sleep position with one knee or the other pulled up as high as it goes to relieve the pressure on the lower back. Meds, even over the counter ones, are not an option either as the long term side effects of most of them aren't worth the temporary relief.

"They" said I would have to have my back fused after about 10 yrs to relieve the pain. That 10 yr period was up about 11 yrs ago and I still haven't had that operation, nor do I want to have it, either. So, what do I do? I wake up every morning grateful/thankful to have another day to spend with the wife and kids. Someone once said that pain is just another way of letting us know that we're alive. Well, with the way I feel some days, I am definitely alive with the way my back pain is flaring up.

Hope this can be of some consolation for someone -- basically, my $.02 worth on the subject. <grin>

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