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Just complaining

Ok I have no neighbors that you can see. There is a double wide down the road about a half mile. In it lives a Hispanic male and his white wife. They have 2 kids or so that are in their upper teens. Never had an issue with them, never talked to them, hardly ever see them. UNTIL TODAY!!

They started a party today around 2 or 3 I guess. I go to bed around noon to sleep till 5 and go to work tonight. Around 330pm I wake up to a loud thumping noise. Cant figure out what it is but it just want go away. Finally get up look out the windows and see nothing. Still hear the loud music. Go outside and realize what it is. Mexican music shaking the trees.

Sit there for minute thinking of the best way to handle it. I dont like calling the law on stuff like that. So I get in my truck and ride down there. Finally get a Hispanic kid that speaks English. The others acted like they only half understood me. Asked if they could turn that crap down a little bit cause its shaking the windows at my house.

He was like "The house all the way down there?" My response was "Yep I dont sleep in a tent between here and there."

I think they turned it up after I left. Finally called the cops. (by this time I already called work and said I would be late.) Was gonna take a nap when it quited down. Cops show up, music goes down, cop leaves, music goes up. Call the cops back. It gets a little better after that for a little while.

Just got done calling the cops back to my house at 11 pm, They said they would put a stop to it this time. (Told them I could do it real quick by putting a few 12 gauge shells through those speakers.) I think they were kinda pissed too. 3rd time they been called and now its normal folks bedtime as well.

Its all quite now. When they have it turned up you can hear the words inside my house.

Not going to work though so I just lost $300 because of some freaking idiots. Really dont want to leave the house with that many drunks being down the road from me after I called the law on them.

The folks here on DHC could have handled that situation in about 2 mins. Mighta got ugly though. Dogs barking like crazy now gonna go walk around outside and make sure I dont have Mexicans screwing with my crap.
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that sux. yea now you gotta wonder how and when is it going to bite ya
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Not defending the hispanics, but it's just about all people. No respect for anyone. I'm not fond of neighbors at all. If it's not the music, it's the dogs. Why do all the neighbors dogs gather at my house? If I wanted one, I'd get one. If you call the cops enough times, they're gonna get tired of coming out there, grins and do something. Yea you hate to get ugly but sometimes that's what it takes.... Now if that were Arizona, I wonder how many illeagals they would have caught?

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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I have the same problem here, only it's not Mexicans. I deal with it from my own people. There's a house down the road about a quarter of a mile down and the couple that live there have relatives from Buffalo (city natives) which come out on the weekends with their stupid bumping, booming car stereos going on all night. The guy that lives there works across the road at the little store and I went there and told him to show a little respect and think of others that are trying to get a "normal" nights sleep or others that may have to work in the mornings. I said "it's hard for me to be nice and ask peacefully but I'd rather ask nicely and keep things civil than kicking your @$$ up and down the road which, for me, is definitely the easier thing to do." Well it worked...for how long we don't know. I think it's more of a respect for others when it comes down to that stuff. Your neighbors probably don't work to relate to that kind of situation. Hopefully, the police might have instilled that "respect" thing into their minds.
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TG, I have a really stupid set of neighbors, lucky for me they have an old boat and stay on it during the weekends in the summer. Hopefully, you have the matter resolved as they don't know what their messing with!
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It's near impossible for anyone to rationalize with a bunch of drunk partiers no matter what race/color they are.
Maybe it might be worth going to talk to them now (while they're sober and can rationalize) to explain why you needed the volumes turned down,,
at least that will show them you're not the kind of neighbor who just likes calling the police...
I think it would be a good idea to try to keep a friendly, social atmosphere between neighbors rather then have to worry that they might retaliate at some point.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin

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Bruce, you are exactly right. I once went with a church youth group on a canoe trip in Missouri.We camped. It was the 4th of July and camping next to us was a big crowd of partiers. Kept all up til late in the night. The chaparones were ticked. Another night of it wouldn't have gone on with out something said. The next morning, I walked over and talked to them, not only about the noise, but their homsmade grill (it was nice), where they were from, etc. Just shot the bull for a bit. In a fiendly way. Nice people, just trying to have a good time. That night was a little more calm. Diplomacy is better before you bring the guns out, grins.....

Of course that doesn't always work.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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Still quiet. Me and the other neighbors are kinda guessing on this but we think this was a party thrown by the "Senior Mexican" kin folks or something.

Not a peep out of anybody. Back to the same 2 cars in the driveway and no body ever seeing anything out of these folks.

TG and HM sorry you have the perpetual "stupid" neighbor issue. Thats the only time Ive ever been bothered my someone on this road.

SM thats the best way to handle in most situations. But once their already drunk Im not walking in the midst of that many folks without considerable back up.
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