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terrydvann 08-31-2009 09:40 PM

Don't get DISABLED
Hi Guys: This is a update on my quest to find help. Remeber I have ALS. Well I had a few group that were real nice. They were sorry about my condition. But at this time they were out of funding. That is no surprise to me. Times are bad on us all. What do think about a web site set up to help DISABLE? We need more help Buck Masters has all they can handel.They are truely trying to help the disable hunter with the equpiment to hunt with.What I can't understand is why NRA dose not help indiviual hunters. I was told that they could help me find a place to shoot or compete. But COULD NOT give any help with any equpiment. :crybaby: I was shocked. :w00t: NRA will fight for my right to own GUN, but won't help me hold it up. Do you think viagra would HELP? NRA should help. I saw were the collected 125,000,000.00 and they can help. You can be disable at any time. Please help me tell NRA to fund or grant money to help the disable with equpiment to hunt or shoot. thanks

tbighunter 09-04-2009 06:36 PM

I don't mean to start trouble here,but I think I have to say something.I know being disabled has to be a serious problem.But,my brother is paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident a few years ago.Do you want everybody to feel sorry for you?I mean you say you can't believe no one will GIVE you anything.Should they?And why?I realize what you have must be hard to deal with.But come on,quit felling sorry for yourself.My brother hunted and fished all his life and still does.It's not easy but he doesn't give up and expect everyone to GIVE him everything because he is disabled.Don't give up on yourself!You CAN do it.I wish you nothing but the best.It may be harder now but it can be done.Check out this site. Wheelin’ Sportsmen | Resources for Hunters and Anglers with Disabilities.

Hunting Man 09-04-2009 09:33 PM

Very tough subject indeed. I know there are programs and groups to help, but funding I'm sure is low right now. I can't pretend to know how being disabled feels, I do know what pain feels like and have had to rethink how I hunt and make adjustments. Keeping a positive attitude while easily said its truly the fuel that drives the incentive to overcome. I hope you find the inner drive to keep an active outdoor lifestyle!

joel the signman 09-05-2009 10:03 AM

hey terry i feel for ya buddy as im hurt pretty bad due to an accident and have a hard time getting around.The NRA was formed to protect gun rights and thats about it Pleanty of other groups that help out the disabled hunter.the NRA has to focus on its core mission of protecting the second ammendment

hunt NH 09-05-2009 10:16 AM

i know from expearaince being disabled sucks. acording to the VA i am a 40% disabled vet. these disabilitys have posed many different challanges for hunting but no obsticals that cant be beaten by deturmination and help from friends. that dont mean my friends did it all for me. maybe if you tell us the nature of your disability we can make sugestions as to ways to get around it. also dont feel bad for your self. beleave me it only makes things worce. also look at your state dept of fish and game for things that can help you. for example one of my injerys is a messed up sholdier. this made it hard to draw a bow. i talked to my dept. of fish and game and found out that the had a permit that would alow disabled hunters to use a cross bow derring bow season. i aplyed for it and got it. the stuff you need is out there, and we are hear for morril support. good luck, and god bless.

ronn 09-05-2009 01:10 PM

i'm inclined to agree with the responses

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