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Hunting Man 04-21-2009 10:33 PM

Just got home from the ER again, Dad will be spending a few more days. It is most difficult watching loved one's health deteroriate. I got to hunt and fish with my Dad and Brother for many years on many enjoyable trips and it will be those memories that I will always cherish. It's just a giant bummer at the moment. Sharing trips with the son & friends helps keep me in the woods and on the lakes. Life can sure throw a nasty curve ball at times.

wmi 04-22-2009 05:34 AM

HM I can relate because my father is in the hospital right now with two days back to back heart surgeries. Seems his heart is only working at 25%. He made it through yesterday but today is the big one. Only thing you can do is be there for him.

gfdeputy2 04-22-2009 05:38 AM

My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family HM
Hope all goes well

BruceBruce1959 04-22-2009 06:44 AM

HM & wmi, I'm so sorry both of you are battling through these tough times.
What you two are going through right now are the absolute toughest family situations to have to deal with.
Our prayers are with you both

Hunting Man 04-22-2009 08:20 AM

Thanks for the kind thoughts! WMI, I will be talking to the big guy upstairs to ask for some special help today and also through your Dad's recovery. There is simply nothing more important in our lives than family, which makes loosing them such a giagantic family/personal loss. I appreciate all of your thoughts and posts. I didn't get the chance to save my Brother and now I can't help my Dad (except be there for him) and that at the moment really bites! Thanks for allowing me to vent!

buckfever 04-22-2009 10:53 AM

Thoughts and prayers to both of you HM and wmi.. Hope everything turns around for you..

timberghost 04-22-2009 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by buckfever (Post 27837)
Thoughts and prayers to both of you HM and wmi.. Hope everything turns around for you..

Well said buckfever, same goes for me too HM and WMI.

wmi 04-23-2009 06:06 AM

Surgeries went well and he seems to be feeling pretty good. As a matter of fact he is feeling so well I'm a little worried about his nurses safety.:wink:

BruceBruce1959 04-23-2009 06:30 AM

Glad to hear your Dad pulled thru his surgeries well....
You gotta warn him though, Nurses are armed with things like Needles, Enema's and Bedpans Oh MY !!! :lol:

Hunting Man 04-23-2009 09:12 AM

WMI,great news!

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