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Welcome to dog lovers.com!!!

Ive just never been a dog man. My patience wears to thin. Horses, cows, other farm animals I have patience for. Just not dogs.

I look at it like this. Dogs have 1 purpose at my house. To bark at night to maybe make an intruder think twice about getting in the barn, outbuildings etc. Thats it. Im not looking for a companion or the like. My daughter likes dogs but could really care less about which dog is her's. If it came down to it in her eyes she would rather have horses, chickens, pigs etc, before the dog. In my eyes dogs are a waste of money. You already have to feed them, so I justify feeding them for the added interference they would cause a would be intruder. If they cost more money after that I look at it as a waste of money. I got friends that treat their dogs like their kids so I know where ya'll are coming from, but in my mind that will never happen. My 2 yr old hasnt stepped outside since we got them cause they jump all over her. Ive been working on "training" them not to do that and it hasnt happened yet.

"What would Jesus do?" I cant answer that question but he may also look at it from a frugal stand point as well. They are wasting your money that could be used else where to further the teachings of His Word. $150 could print alot of gospel tracts, bibles etc. Help a missionary get to a foreign country, etc. These are dogs, not humans, they have no souls to save from hell.
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Wow, youre honestly the first person Ive heard not like dogs. It may sound cliche but my dog is my best friend. She's a complete idiot sometimes but she loves me completely and totally at all times. Thats something not even a spouse can really claim. No matter what she'll always come back wagging her tail....er ... buttstub.

Maybe you need to start bird hunting and get yourself a lab or golden retriever puppy and take the time to meticulously train it to be a bird dog. Then when the dog loyally sits next to you in the freezing cold, patiently waiting with you just as focused on the hunt as you are, you'll bond with it. :D

BTW I would take your dogs, but my wife would kill me.

Oh and it probably was a cat framing them with the 4wheeler seat and the book box. Cats are evil.

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
-John Stewart Mill

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Ya'll crack me up...

My bro-in-law is picking them up today.. They have a new home..

Good point about bonding with a bird dog.. Thats bit different than mutts though.
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I'm really glad this topic is over cause joel and I and several thousand members were going to march to the boss's home with the authorities, it wouldn't have been pretty with only WMI and the boss against an army of dog lovers. Ok people call off the march the dogs are safe and have a new home! Whew that was close! Raven and Gunnar were watching this story with keen interest and a worried look on their faces. Raven suggested that they go to half food rations in support of the protest but i said they had done enough just being my friends. They seem relaxed now with big smiley faces laying on the couch and lazyboy.

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Pet them one time for me! Buster and Buddy were really eager to make the trip and Porkchop and Ms. Piggy the hogs were tagging along for back-up. Count your blessing Bossman!!!!!!

If you don't understand the technology which you depend on, you will soon be a victim of that technology.
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I love my collie,worst pup I ever had but turned out to be the smartest and best dog I've had.As a pup she ate electronics,cell phone,remote control, she even ate a hole in the living room wall,I wanted to kill her, I'm glad I didnt,when shopping for a cute fluffy little puppy just remember their gonna be wrotten for about a year.{FOR EVERY DOG THAT WOULD WAKE YOU UP AND SAVE YOU FROM A FIRE A MILLION OF EM WILL LET YOUR BUTT DIE}
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HM you have me rolling.. Half rations..

cmon now you know wmi and myself would not be alone.. plus we dont even have several thousand members.. lol..

What would be cool is if we could play this out with paintball guns.. You put me and wmi in my house. And then the dog marchers try to take us out.. Ya'll boys would suffer some serious losses.. (if not the whole game)

i seen them today when i went hunting.. for you concerned members they are still fine..

Gator your post interest me.. Did your collie wake you up during a fire? That dog could have my whole 4-wheeler to chew up..
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Don't forget me. I'm with you guys Buckfever.........
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TG no points for siding with the boss. I see now there are three of you! No fear here, we still have thousands. Buckfever, you wouldn't want the army of the north coming down on you! As long we don't have to shovel around the basement, just paintballs, you're on. Joel start calling on all members, bribe them if you have to, I'll throw in a bottle of scent lock. AW bring the hogs too! WMI will have to sneak through our blockade, he is pretty good in the woods. I put a call in to the humane sociaty their in. We got us a convoy. Need to call ronn, he's trained in long range shooting!

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Buckfever I hear you wanted a camo seat cover anyways and the dogs were just helpin you make up your mind.

"Whitetail it's more than a passion, it's an addiction"


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