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hoodlum38261 08-20-2008 12:21 AM

Nothing sacred anymore.
I was watching on the news in Paducah, KY some thieves decided to steal the brass plaques off of the Veterans Memorial Cemetery monument. It cost approx $700.00 to have them made and the thieves might get $15.00 out of it. I think whoever done something that disrespectful and low should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I doubt that would be enough.

delbert 08-20-2008 06:51 AM

meth heads,,,make me sick

BruceBruce1959 08-20-2008 07:05 AM

It's sickening to think that people can go into a cemetary and cause damage
to a grave/headstone or rob from a dead person.
I don't think anyone can get any lower than that type of scum.

buckfever 08-20-2008 08:37 AM

If the law would still hang these dirt bags in the town square we would see less of this... Hope they get busted and hung..

joel the signman 08-20-2008 10:05 AM

im with you buckfever,public humiliation/hangings worked in the past

BruceBruce1959 08-20-2008 10:23 AM

one of the biggest problems are the idiots that fight for prisoners rights.
I say "If they commit the crime let em' do the time" and that means
time without Television, Radios, computers, nintendos, playstations, Xbox or any other form of entertainment....
They weren't sent to Jail to be entertained,,, I think It's about time we let our State and federal representatives know that
Jail does NOT mean Camp!!!

Southern Man 08-20-2008 12:20 PM

Hoodlum that's about 20 miles from me. I'll go you one better. About 15 miles south of Paducah, is a town called Mayfield. They were building one of those houses for "Homes for humanity". You guys heard of that? Anyhow, they were working on the inside and a couple of guys broke in one night and stole all the wiring inside, to sell the copper. I dunno about where you guys are but scrap metals are bringing high dollar around here. Someone mention meth heads? Yea we got em. And the highest concentration of illegal hispanics in the state of KY. The whole county is going to crap......

timberghost 08-20-2008 04:03 PM

Yeah Southern Man we too have the "Homes for Humanity" program up here in the Buffalo area. But there were thieves going around the suburbs into the new housing developments and taking all the copper pipes and stuff then leaving the water running to destroy things more than already. Copper and metal are pretty high $$$ up here too. But I'm all for the public humiliation and all that.

joel the signman 08-20-2008 05:54 PM

copper theft is a big problem everywhere.time to hook up some voltage to those pipes and zap em

hoodlum38261 08-20-2008 06:24 PM

I am just south of Mayfield on the TN-KY line.

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