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It is Washington buying votes. It is nothing more than a band-aid trying to cover a gaping wound. Money is money but that won't even cover my phone and electric bill. Worse yet I don't even get one. When you think of our economy and if everyone spent their check right away in percentages it would not even get past the decimal point.
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The only thing that will get the economy going again is to lower the gas prices nobody goes anywhere or spends as much as they used to but if the price of gas was to go down or at least stop rising the economy might get a little better.
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Originally Posted by critter gitter View Post
The only thing that will get the economy going again is to lower the gas prices nobody goes anywhere or spends as much as they used to but if the price of gas was to go down or at least stop rising the economy might get a little better.
CG it is going to take much more than that I'm sorry to say. In politics squeaky wheel gets the oil weather right or wrong. Now all of us here know that once you start hearing the squeak the bearings all already shot. This is the problem now and I'm afraid it is time for an over haul. Not sure where we are going but we are going fast. Take a look at the dollar compared to the rest of the world. Everyone in the whole world sees it except for us. Hold tight to your checks your probably going to really need them down the road. Invest in Latin countries because we are going to need a place to live. You don't have to look hard to see the change in the past 20 years much less the last 10. Now try to vision 10 years in the future. Scared Yet!
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I don't get one either. I agree with wmi, it's going to take more than this to get the economy going. We're in for a hell of a ride.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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Here is a concept:
1. Stop buying foreign oil and use what we are sitting on. US to regulate the fuel prices and to make a new law that oil companies can only make 5-10% profitability to stop gauging you and I. This may help keep the economy in check. Stop the lobbysts who protect the oil boys. I am guessing that rising fuel cost are better than 80% of the reason that all prices are increasing. Control the root cause to control the economy.

2. Stop spending billions on this war. Control spending by pulling the troops and fortefying our borders if terrorism is such a concern. Let's be honest here. We are over there to protect our oil resources because we are so dependent on it. Reduce the dependancy to reduce the risks and save lives as well.
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I agree we need to get away from OPEC, you know wave to them like they do in Boston, and we need to get the lobbyist aka special interests out of govt, all of them not just those that are against the powers that be. One thing we don't want to do is get the govt involved any more than we have to with private industry. We all know if you want to fix something get the Feds involved, NOT. That being said if you took the rate of inflation over the last 50 years gas is just now starting to catch up. I mean crap look at the cost of a gallon of milk now that the feds got involved a few years back. Everyone complains about the cost of fuel but have no problem buying bottled water at what? 10 bucks a gallon? or a coffee at about 12 bucks a gallon. No one likes paying more for something but a guy as to do what a guy has to do. Oh and I wholeheartedly disagree about being over there to protect the oil source. There is as much oil here in North America as there is there but we aren't allowed to get it for environmental reasons and maybe rightly so. If we were there for that the price should be going down and OPEC should be lowering their price per barrel and that ain't happening.
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Guys it goes far deeper than that which has been mentioned. Current oil res. in Saudi have peaked and they know it. We here did the same thing in the late 70's when the North American wells peaked ----Remember? The list is huge but to keep it narrowed down lets stick to just gas. Did you know the cost of gas is 1/3 taxes and 1/3 profit? Bottom line is of the money we earn and spend over 2/3s is caused by taxes our government has placed. So you need to ask where the heck is it going? (Boy that was hard to hold back on) You can thank your vote appointed crooks. Dem. or Repub. it really does not matter each steels something a diff. way. They are smart and it is buried so deep in red tape it would take a life time to find half of it. Now some of these people are honest but have their hands tied by the majority. They are all so far removed from the common man there is just no way they can relate. Well no matter how you vote it is a roll of fixed dice------snake eyes. Hold on to your money and your family even tighter because when all of this shakes out that is all that will be left.
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Rozman i seen something on TV about limiting their (oil companys) profits. I think it was Glenn Beck saying that oil companys profits in the first quarter was 8.1%, which is only a little above the national average for companys which is 7.5 or something close to that. Thats really not a tremendous profit margin compared to say a small town factory. I also wonder where the taxes on gas goes?

Good point by ronn when you compare the price of milk, water etc.
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All: This is such a complex issue drawing many opinions. The one common denominator is no one is happy about it. I received an interesting e-mail today on companies that do and do not buy off shore oil. If the oil company profits are in check with the std then I would still want to spend my money on a company that does not import oil from the Middle East or Ven. This info is avail from Dept/Energy. I have used Shell gas for 20 years and will change to Sunoco. The price per gal is the same for both companies...$3.59/gal.
The idea here is to boycott the oil demand to the Middle East to drive down the prices.

Companies Importing significant oil from Middle East:

Companies who do not:
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regarding that email its phoney .its been going around for awhile if you go to snopes .com it'll explain it.

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.
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