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Old 02-09-2014, 10:53 PM
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Default costco

I wanted to let everyone who has a carry permit to know that if you enter Costco with your weapon, you can be arrested. I have been emailed with many options from people responding to my email saying oh the store will just ask you to leave, and if you don't you will be arrested. Others have said how are they going to know you have your gun. Well, it's my option that if you carry in the store after signing their membership accepting their rules, and you have to use your weapon, I believe you will be going to jail ASAP.

I was made aware that Costco has a policy of NO concealed weapons in their stores. They DO NOT post this, but it is burried in their rules when you purchase their membership. If you search through their policy you will find it many paragrahs deep in thier policy.

I emailed Costco with my concern since it isn't posted they are putting many unknowing people in jeporday of being charged and spending time in Jail. They responded to my email saying it is their right to not allow weapons in their stores for everyones protection. I responded that they did have the right to do this, but the only reason they don't post it was they were afraid of loss of money and members. I also told them that they needed to not burry this in their rules as many people never read all those rules during the membership purchase. If posted at least everyone would be aware of this and not risk going to jail.

They emailed back saying that if I couldn't live with the rule, that they would refund my money. I did go back to Costco and they did refund my money, as I CAN NOT support a company that limits my rights, and doesn't post this rule for everyone to see.

I have emailed Costco again asking if there were any plans of posting the fact that concealed weapons were not allowed. They emailed back saying they would forward my email to upper management, and I would be contacted shortly. I told them that if not posted, that I would continue posting on all boards, and since I am a NRA member, I would write the NRA to have them post something to their members. That email stating I would hear back shortly was over 4 weeks ago. So that is why I am posting this again, and I will continue posting until they get back to me, or post their rule for all to see. Again it is their right to allow or not to allow concealed weapons in the store, but don't burry it in the rules and post it for all to see.

I just wanted everyone who carries and frequents Costco to be aware of this. You can call Costco and ask them if you wish to verify, you will get the same answer.
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Old 02-10-2014, 06:00 AM
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great post HB we don't have any cosco's here yet but would not be joining if there were any
Ticked me off needed parts for my car yesterday & only place I could get them were Autozone (same policy)
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Old 02-10-2014, 11:43 AM
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We have a Costco and do a huge amount of business there, as it's one of the few good stores in town. I'll have to look and see if their rules are posted, especially since open-carry is legal here too.
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