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gfdeputy2 02-09-2014 05:08 PM

well been a rough week & next doesn't look good major problems for the ole Pontiac grand Prix just replaced swaybar links water pump, thermostat coolant tubes water pump leaked after install had to get more coolant & new gasket & start all over spent all day yesterday & 3/4's of today fixing it next week is rear caliper, rotors & pads P-Brake cables all 4 tires then to just trade it in 6 months
gotta love it
Car is not neglected these issues actually all happened within the last couple weeks has been a great car overall 157,000 miles & no major repairs must know I am getting rid of her. Just can't wait to get back in a truck

Hunting Man 02-09-2014 05:40 PM

I feel your pain, first fridge, then stove, now dishwasher all bought in 1989 and all failed with-in 6 months of each other.

tator 02-09-2014 07:20 PM

I've had two vehicles in my adult life that once they hit 100,000 miles either the transmission or rear end went completely out. Plus I had a car when I was a teen that when it hit 100,000 miles needed a new engine... that might have been from other reasons though :)

tator 02-09-2014 07:21 PM

and my '05 ford f150 has 99,700 miles on it right now......

gfdeputy2 02-09-2014 07:39 PM

Have had really good luck with it & none of it (other then mounting & balancing the tires) is stuff I can't do just stinks it happened all at once was supposed to get a truck this spring but pushed it back now that my oldest daughter got accepted to college she was planning to skip a year but nope dad has to try & keep the car running till fall my inspection is due in April so about a grand will go into it

Scorpion8 02-10-2014 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by tator (Post 111978)
and my '05 ford f150 has 99,700 miles on it right now......

And my '97 Dodge Ram 1500 has 130,000 and the worst I've had to do is replace the steering box once because I screwed up the lower seal replacement and a warped radiator (1 hour replacement job). This truck has been bulletproof.

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