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Hunting Man 03-13-2013 08:02 AM

You got to love March! Woke up to a fresh cover of snow this morning. I just put out the crabb grass preventer and fertilizer yesterday so the snow will help take it down to where it is needed.

gfdeputy2 03-13-2013 09:53 AM

we got about 1" of rain here last night didn't seem to get rid of much of the snow here calling for snow here Friday

flexj 03-13-2013 02:39 PM

We had 17" of snow here 2 weeks ago. That was the most snow I have ever seen in NW Oklahoma. Lost power, phones, and couldn't get to the highway for 2 days...but we did have some fun!

gfdeputy2 03-14-2013 05:24 AM

My area we average 6-12" per snow storm
I have seen snowfall over 36" that is a big storm for us

Scorpion8 03-15-2013 11:15 AM

It ain't spring yet (here in Paradise). Despite a lot of black bears being up, we are having a fresh snowfall ourselves.

tator 03-15-2013 02:25 PM

All our snow is gone now- thank goodness. We had over 12" within a week which is alot for mid-missouri. Today is a nice 72 degrees! Thinking about hitting the links after work! :)

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