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spiker 01-14-2013 11:15 AM

Simpler Times
Just so random thoughts;Remember when a hanshake meant something,you could trust your neighbor,your kids could play outside by themselves,you made a decent wage,people had no agendas,people went to work and wanted to work,everyone kept their homes nice.etc etc etc.We are becoming a cesspool and honestly the bad outnumber the good.IMHO

Hunting Man 01-14-2013 12:41 PM

Spiker I too can remember those times. I also feel like in the Star Wars movies, we are turning to the dark side as a peoples across the world. Our very own leader represents Darth Vador. I hope that we some how find our true roots as a nation and return to those lost days. My fear is we will not. I do not like what I see as a future, I only hope my kids and their kids have a safe and prosperous one. I was fortunate growing up when I did because I look at today's kids and feel very sad that they missed a very good time. Maybe this would be a good thing to discuss: what was it like when you grew up? Tator would trash us oldies.... but I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

tator 01-14-2013 03:21 PM

haha- no no, I loved my childhood. We had 3 TV channels and the only one I watched was a local religious channel b/c they had the flintstones and jetsons on there. I had a best friend who lived down the road from me and we did everything together. We even built a basketball court in my parent's barn loft. Across the road from where we lived was an old rock quarry and we'd go over there and explore and had a blast. I can remember being gone all day long and mom and dad not minding- they knew I was safe. We'd play basketball early in the mornings and late in the evenings. Spent most of the day outside. Going to the pool was a priveldge we rarely got, so we'd hook up the hose in the backyard to this clown head and it would spray out water and you'd put his hat on his head and it'd shoot up his hat about 40 ft in the air!

I loved being a kid. I just hope my kids grow up like I did. I had parents who loved me and a brother and sister to play around with. I just enjoyed it.

I also notice something about our world today, and I'm guilty of it too. We are ALWAYS on the go. Always going here or there. Sometimes I tell my wife, let's just stay home today and do nothing (weekends of course). And we'll just play with the kids all day. No shopping or running around. Just staying home and relaxing. Those are the moments your kids are going to remember. Not going to McDonalds or chucky cheese or six flags,,, the home part. That's what I remember about my childhood.

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