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LMAO- Have to Share This

I was going through some old files and came across the introduction to a book I wrote over 20-years ago. This is the lead of the first paragraph on buying a bow.

It is irrefutable. The best bow you will ever shoot is
the bow you shoot the best. Do not be misled by advertising.
There is no one bow better than any other. It is all
dependent on how well you shoot it. The bow Chuck Adams or
Myles Keller or for that matter, anybody shoots, has nothing
to do with the bow you will shoot. It is your job to find the
best bow for you. That means trying out a lot of bows.
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Good one.Thanks for sharing.
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Ole Chuck, well things have changed as modern machining and materials have improved bows way beyond what they once were. Speed will flatten out an arrow trajectory helping to remove some of the archer's arrow flight equation. What was once true in the written past in a lot of cases has been surpassed with new innovations making the old stuff obsolete and forever changing the archery world. Heck even Chuck now hunts with the Rage expandable something he once said shouldn't be used by hunters. One thing that never changes is, practice till the bow is like a part of you, shoot it well and good things will come.
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I'm not a bow hunter, something about being right handed and left eye dominant. But your last statement "practice till the bow is like a part of you, shoot it well and good things will come" can be said about just about anything else in life. You are just not going to get really good with anything unless you invest a lot of time in it.

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Just a thought about Chuck's comment on expandables. Two things to consider: probably at the time he said it, it was a quite accurate statement that most of would have made given the quality of the early expandables. Also, Chuck will shoot whatever bow the company paying him the most wants him to shoot. At one time, that was also true of me. However, I believe the paragraph is as true today as it was then. Although at that time I was probably shooting an early McPherson or possibly a Hoyt, I never encouraged anyone else to buy one unless they really liked it.

Much has changed in the archery/bowhunting sport/industry. One thing remains constant. Speed is grossly overated when it comes to hunting.

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Scribe, we probably will disagree with the speed issue. I believe that arrow speed has been the single most important improvement in the archery world. Speed/arrow flight path has taken the archer's effective range from 20 yds out to 40 and beyond just because of the improved arrow trajectory. What once was rainbow flight for us has become laser flat thus making most archers more proficient. Smaller, lighter, faster all have improved the archery world, even if at the cost of tradition, which I wish I could of hung on to. When I shot 58 lb t/d recurve bow with 2219 easton's and 125 gr broad heads I didn't always blow through a deer in fact a lot of times I didn't. Todays bows do it with supreme regularity, why, speed. The only way to make up loss kenetic energy from lighter carbon arrows is to replace it with fps. I can safely say in my small hunting group we have seen more pass shots in the last 4-6 years than previous years to say arrow speed has been just about the only thing we have all purchased. I haven't said anything you don't know or heard a thousand times so we'll just slightly disagree on this one.
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I think your both right and agree more than u think.I think Scribe is saying practicing is paramount now matter what speed your shooting and Hm theres is no disputing the advantages of todays faster bows.My bow has one pin to 40 yards awesome but i shoot it everyday to stay in form.Archery is like golf you build a swing(form) and then you stay on it or you'll lose it.The old adage that will however remain true forever is a slow hit is better than a fast miss.
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Originally Posted by rdrader2002 View Post
I'm not a bow hunter, something about being right handed and left eye dominant.


RR - I am the same way , right handed but left eye dominant. My best friend growing up who I learned to hunt with was like tht too, as is my brother. I cant throm a ball left handed or swing a hammer all that well left handed but when it comes to shooting right handed is akward.

I never really tried to shoot a bow or gun right handed - when I was getting into shooting someone did the eye test and I started left handed. I've had no problem with a bow either. I m sure I could pull more draw weight with my right side buts its 100% natural to shoot left handed for me. It is much harder to find bow/accesorries for left handed bows.

It may be a challenge at first but if you already shoot lefty it wont be impossible.
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The easiest way to cure dominant eye/dominant hand issue is to shoot with both eyes open. It is easier to do than you think. Couple days practice is all it takes.
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I have only been bow hunting for a few years now so my opinion may be way off,But Im willing to learn if Im wrong. speed is need but only to a point. The more speed the less kenetic energy you lose.What kills? speed or kenitic energy? You need a good balance of both.To much of one or the other aint good. JMO and what I think I have learned and how I have my bow set. If Im off base please explain. willing to learn. P.S. Im shooting a Parker ultralite extreame 31, 29" draw, 60ld pull. using carbon express with fuzion vanes tipped with muzzy 100g. 3 blade. does this set-up sound OK?

Born on a mountain raised in a cave huntin and fishin is all I crave

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