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ssully 09-24-2007 07:30 AM

To sit or to stand?
That is my question. I would rather shoot from a sitting position, but the front of my climber gets in the way and it is not retractable or removable. I quess I could SLOWLY stand and shoot standing. Wouldn't that spook the deer? I have only been bowhunting a few times, have not seen a deer yet. Maybe this is the year. Thanks for the feedback, I'm new to the forum.

buckfever 09-24-2007 08:23 AM

glad to have you join up and welcome. so sit or stand is the question. when i hunt out of my climber with a bow i have the same problem. i have to stand to shoot. ive got deer out of my climber with a bow though. move very slow. and you will learn the times you can move and when you cant. for instance if the deer are feeding or looking another way than slowly stand up and get ready. if they are giving you the stare down, than dont move a muscle. you will be surprised at how many does have seen me and could not figure out what i was and so they carried on about their normal business. (covering your scent is very key in this) what i try to do is when i hear the deer coming i go ahead and stand up and get in a position to shoot. in my hang-on stands i could shoot from the seated position but it seems like i usually end up standing anyway. alot of hunters that have the money go buy a bowhunter tree stand that does not have the bar in front. i have yet to do that though. another thing i have to watch when i use my climber is not to sit to high in my seat compared to my foot platform. im a short guy and when i have to stand with my bow if im not careful on certain shots the bottom of my bow would bump into the top bar of my stand. very nerve racking when that is the only shot you have on a deer.

hope this helps some. take it easy.

BruceBruce1959 09-24-2007 11:20 AM

Welcome and I agree with everything Buckfever has told you.
ssully, you also mentioned you haven't seen any deer yet, this is why it is so important to scout as much as possible,, a successful hunter can't stress enough how important scouting is. look for the deer sign, "IF" you're in a spot with fresh deer sign then all you need do is be patient but if there aren't any deer moving in an area you're wasting your time in that area, A SEASONED hunter has developed more skills over time and may have some luck drawing deer in with rattling horns, calls and scents but those skills take years of learning when to and when not to...
Deer can catch the slightest movement so it's important to learn when to move and when not to move and again that's pretty simple when they AREN'T looking is the best time to move ASK any hunter and they will all tell you the TALES of all the times they moved and got caught by the deer, "Deer see movement very well" You can shoot while sitting but a hunter has more control while standing...

so my advice to you is
first, make sure you're in a good hunting location (Fresh Sign)
Second, try to detect a Deer coming in early so you have time to rise and shoot
lastly, be patient....

Good Luck and when you get that Deer post us some pics please, we love pics.

joel the signman 09-24-2007 07:56 PM

you should always bend at the waist to shoot out of a tree stand if you can.Always wear a saftey belt doing this.try to stand as soon as you hear the deer I can shoot sitting down out of my ladder stand cuz it dont have a front rail and i have a short bow.

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