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rockman57 08-21-2007 06:14 PM

Bowsite Pin Placement
Hey Yall,
I've been shooting a little every evenin.Was wondering where yall set your pins?I have a three pin fiberoptic site.Everyone chime in.

buckfever 08-21-2007 06:59 PM

i set mine at 20, 30, and 40 yards. that puts me just a tad high at 10 yds using my 20 yd pin. maybe a couple inches at most. anything past 30-40 yds is to risky of a shot for me to take with a bow right now. thats why i have not ventured out to a 50 or 60 yd pin.

BruceBruce1959 08-23-2007 10:47 AM

I used to set at 20-30 and 40 yards.. THEN I got turned on to a Pendelum, single pin... Took some time to get it all adjusted but well worth it because NOW I don't have to wonder which pin to shoot with.. It's hard enough just getting Deer in range without having to worry about which pin to use when a deer finally does come in....
If you're not using a single pin I would higly recommend looking into it for yourselves.. Don't just take my advice,, ask around see what others are saying about them....

Good Luck & happy safe hunting


HunterMiller 08-25-2007 06:15 PM

With my 5 pin i used to have 0-20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 yard pins. This year I have 0-20, 30, 40, and 50. Now I don't shoot 50 yards at deer but only practice at 50 to get better at 30 yards. I have 4 extra pins that I may end up setting up as in betweens for the rest of the pins.

joel the signman 08-29-2007 10:30 PM

top pin is your close one i shoot a fast bow so its set for 0-20 the next one is 20 to 30 I dont shoot past that at critters

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