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i had a nice buck either a 8-10 just 25 min after i got in my stand i pulled out my buck roar and just hit it 3 times2-5 mins later hear comes a nice buck either a 8 -10 down a ravine rite beheind me , i blew on the call 2 times and he just kept on with a nice trot and bedded in a thicket about 30 yards away. i blew on that buck roar for the second time and he got straight up and started to run directly towards me by that time after seeing him run directly towards my stand my heart just started to pump so hard that i could not even hear the deer any more all i heard was my heart in my ..i had just started to raise my crossbow when i hear at first a lot of crunching and twigs snaping beheind me ..lucky for that deer and just my luck that 2 other hunters came through with their dogs barking and that just did it for him he took of and ran about 30 more yards and down a creek bed and never seen agian... i was just so close to getting a shot of at my first deer let alone a big ol buck like that one but o well i will get one next season.But i belive that this call works because if those other hunters wer not there that call made him run rite to me but i guess that what happins on public hunting land.. but good call
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