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Mechanical Broad Heads

Alright so here I go.

First got into bow hunting about 5-6 years ago. First broad heads were Rage and I killed 5 deer with them. 2 shots similar to the one below, 3 perfect. My concern was the weakness of the blades and deploying in my quiver (More of an annoyance). Last year, I decided to switch to the G5 T3's. I shot a 6 pointer at about 11 yards. I admit, the shot was about 1" higher than I would have liked, at a 20 ft. height shooting downward. Still should have hit vitals. Tracked him for 100 yards, very minimal blood even though the arrow was covered with really good blood. That brings me to this year. I am thinking of switching back to the Rage. Any opinions on the RAGE selections (i.e. chisel tip, hypodermic, etc.. I have been on Youtube, review sites, archery talk, etc. Can anyone on here testify for them? In my opinion, the Rage's have a huge wound channel and the G5's did not. I am not looking for other recommendations on broad heads other than personal experience with the Rage's.

Thanks for your help.
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