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I would like to stalk sometimes, But here in Fla. you will have a lot of problems on your hands unless your on private land and the only one there. If you would stalk around a WMA here you would get cussed at, shot at and most likely in a fist fight before the sun cleared the tree tops. And don't let them find what truck your driving either. Problems like this is why Ive almost given up hunting in my home state. Mosy of my hunting is in Ga. and NC. Ga is a private lease my friend owns and most times it just the two us hunting sometimes 3 at most. In NC its my stepdads land so its just me. He wont let anybody hunt there until Im done in early dec. Oh yea. and the reason for these problems aint that all the hunters in Fla. are A - - holes its that we have lost some much hunting land in the past few years what we do have is elbow to elbow

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