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Set up question


I am beyond stoked for bow season. I have about 2-3 weeks to go before season starts, Oct. 5. In my mind, I can visualize my opening morning set up, etc. I am hunting a military base in VA and, assuming the area I want is open, am going to a spot where I have seen deer about every time out. It is an area tucked between holly trees, a small creek bottom, and field (separated by pines and thick undergrowth. It is very hard to get to in the dark, even though I know the area. This leads to my question:

Would you all recommend heading down the trail in the dark and waiting until it starts to get light to head to the area? Or do you think it better to rummage around in the dark? I have killed 3 deer out of the area and 1 coyote. They usually head through around 8-9 in the morning and 5 at night. Assuming I can get in around 6:45 ish, that will leave me enough time to find a good tree. I have 3 in the area that allow slightly different sets. I now have a GPS, which I will mark. I don't want to risk running through there prior to season opening and alert anything so close to season opening.

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