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Scorpion I said the same thing when the takedown came out & now I am ordering one this week
I think the american rimfire will be out in a .17 sometime being a bolt action
the 17 is what a lot of people want & Since the Ruger Family really has nothing to do with the company anymore they have become a Customer driven company if enough people ask for something they will do their best to build it
They have tried & tried to make the 17 work in the 10/22 autoloading rifle but just could not make it work without totaly redesigning the rifle
Since they make the 77/17's I see a good chance they will make an american in those also in the future
What don't you like about the 10/22 mag's?
I know some of the older 10 round had issues but new ones seem ok & I love the new BX25's
also if this rifle is as good as the regular american & prices seem good enough this will be a hot seller

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