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Originally Posted by JoshWA1986 View Post
what if there was a scent that you could use near field you hunt next to.. or the scent of a tree that you have a stand in? J/W instead of just hiding yourself.. why not blend in?
problem is you will never make a scent that works for all areas. say you make a pine scent for your area it wont work in mine. what I see with them is if the scent aint perfect the deer will know the difference. there nose makes ours look like a rock. That is why I would rather disappear "scent killer" than try to make me smell like something I aint. The most I have done is put my hunting cloths in a bag with fresh pine tree cuttings. Also along with trying to disappear is to mix your camo up. if all your camo you have on is the same pattern your still making a profile. say use mossy oak top and apg pants, etc

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