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Originally Posted by Four chicks View Post
Thanks for quick response

Yes rogue members are on deed and
Are minority shareholders

Greetings from Vermont & Welcome to the Club... the only way to handle this is through an ATTORNEY, I am NOT a lawyer but I think if the rogue members names are on the deed and it's only my belief but, they have "Full and Equal" access to and usage of the land, just as well as all the other family members who are on the deed, regardless of any rules. If this were my situation, I would try to muster money from the family members who do cooperate and hope the rogues would be willing to sell off their share of the land (to buy them out) but as long as they're on the deed I'd bet you're screwed and can't do a thing about it... Good Luck and keep us posted on this...

We are in rural county ... One game warden

Suspensions do not seem to work
All other members work ...rogues
Know when they can go in b/c no
One watching...thought about hiring
Someone... But once again small
Rural county ... Everyone knows

I have thought about court order
To enjoin rogues from propery

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