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Salutations tator, and thank you for clarifying your position. I have a bad habit of jumping the gun sometimes. Is it not sad when someone has a strong opinion against modernistic views you are labeled a hatemonger . I had people literally get in my face over the gay marriage ban amendment fiasco my state went thru last year, just for offering my stand on the issue. that being said I will not revisit this issue on this thread.

On to other things, I live and hunt in the north central region of Minnesota . Deer hunting is very good here as well as turkey, ruffed grouse , dove and a few pheasants . This area is the bottom fringe of the timber wolf range, so they are not a factor here unlike just 20 miles north.

This being the christian corner let me say I had placed my entire trust in Christs work upon the cross for me and in his resurrection when I was about thirteen. believe me when I say it is not always easy to walk by faith in a world were traditional values are becoming extinct.

your attitude seems to be better then mine . I see that your writing skills are excellent and you make your points clear to anyone that cares to pay attention.

I was attempting to post a avatar and some hunting photos yesterday, but my broadband modem for my laptop can't get good reception here this time of year. I hope to rectify this soon and make some hunting post.

I salute all the brethren in Christ.

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