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you gotta read this junk

this is an article i ran across the other day in the tennessean. it will make you think some things you probably should not be thinking. here it goes

How is hunting considered a sport?

To the Editor:

It's that time of year again when the intrepid hunters, armed only with high-powered weapons, dogs, "cammies," tree stands, animal calls, bait, ATVs, blinds and other paraphernalia, go bravely into the woods, defying death, to face the deadly deer, the terrifying turkey, the diabolical dove, the quarrelsome quail and other ferocious animals in order to put food on their families' tables.

I truly admire these brave men, women and children who dare confront these beautiful animals, some of whom weigh as much as 150 pounds.

I am puzzled by one thing, however: Why do they refer to the hunting and killing of these animals as "sport?" And why do they refer to killing as "harvesting?" I consider sport to be when equally matched opponents square off on a field, race track, court, ice rink or some other venue to do battle. These hunted animals are hardly equally matched with those who hunt them other than in intelligence, where the animals have a definite edge.

And then, after "harvesting" these animals, they proudly haul them along the highways in plain view of the public, with proud "look what I dun went an' kilt" looks on their faces as their dead prey's eyes glisten lifelessly at other drivers.

In my opinion, hunting will only be a sport when hunters hunt each other. I would love to see their trophy rooms then.

Gerald Hayes

Franklin 37064

aight its me again

I thought very hard about responding this guy but its hard to waste my time on ignorance. Plus i went back and read some of the responses he got and they did very well in defending our sport. Its very obvious he has no idea how intelligent the game we hunt is. plus he is clueless about the laws of what we are allowed to use in the state of Tennessee. And on his comment about hunters hunting each other.. all i can say is if he gave another hunter the opportunity to square off and hunt him everybody would want to see their trophy room. shoot i would even put money on that sporting event.. this dude must be a vegetarian cuz if he ever saw what happens at a slaughter house he would pass out.. his dad musta never took him hunting when he was a kid. i almost feel sorry for people that have never got to experience the enjoyment of hunting and eating what they take. its in the blood of our ancestors and us. maybe he aint from around here. ok im shuttin up so somebody else can give me their thoughts on this
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