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.25 ACP primer

Originally Posted by deer dude View Post
been thinkin about switching over to one of these ,anyone out there use one ? can you tell any difference? i dont know whether to beleive the hype about the 209 primers being too much bang or not .would rather hear from some guys who have made the switch and get the real story.
I converted my TC Omega before season last year and the results have been outstanding. The .25 primers (brass has to be reloaded with small rifle primers) are tremendously faster and hotter than 209 primers. If you wanted to put it in a word I'd call them "crisp". At the same time I went to White Hotz pellets as well. The end result is at least 50% les smoke at discharge and 50% less residue/fouling. Shooting 209 primers and Pyrodex (150 grains) I can fire 11 shots out of my Omega before I have to swab and clean. With .25 primers and White Hotz (I get the same performance out of 100 grains Hotz vs. 150 Pyrodex) I've fired 25 shots and still didn't need to clean and swab. So personally and professionally I definitely recommend the .25ACP primersot mentioning that they are much easier to handle and place the 209's. In fact I've already done 8 conversions and expect several more prior to the October Muzzleload season this year. In fact I have a special ongoing to clean, service, check optics alignment and do the .25ACP conversion for $150.00 right now.

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